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Mobile clinic to end IVF program amid litigation over frozen embryos

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Infirmary Health in Mobile will shut down its IVF services at the end of the year.

A Mobile health care system that provides in vitro fertilization (IVF) care will stop the services at the end of the year, citing lawsuits over the fertility treatment.

Infirmary Health, one of several entities sued over the accidental destruction of frozen embryos at the clinic in 2020, faced additional litigation after a February Alabama Supreme Court ruling that declared frozen embryos were children.

“In order to assist families in Alabama and along the Gulf Coast who have initiated the process of IVF therapy in the hopes of starting a family, Mobile Infirmary has temporarily resumed IVF treatments at the hospital. However, in light of litigation concerns surrounding IVF therapy, Mobile Infirmary will no longer be able to offer this service to families after December 31, 2024,” a statement from the clinic said.

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