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Men and Infertility

It’s not talked about. What is my role? How do I support my partner? How do I find support?

While we all have different stories and different outcomes, there is a common thread that weaves us all together. There is a shared trauma, yet men are often left out of the conversation. How can we as a community change the narrative around how men are impacted by infertility?

Let’s unpack these questions. We started a conversation with 4 panelists who could share their firsthand experience about their perspective and wide spectrum on the many facets of how infertility can affect men and the relationships around them. Here’s what they had to say:

Featured Panelists: Brandon Johnson, Social Worker LGSW, Dr. Lowell Ku, MD, Reproductive Endocrinologist, Ryan C. Ferrante, Esq., RESOLVE Advocate and Reproductive Attorney, and Erik J. co-host of Live Childfree Podcast

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