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Male Factor Testing: What to Expect and When to Begin the Process

We brought some questions to the table. Men can be impacted by infertility too, but what causes male infertility challenges? What contributes to our general lack of education about male factor infertility, and what tests are performed to help doctors identify a cause? What can men expect at their first appointment? What can men do after a diagnosis? Watch this video and learn more about Male Factor Testing.

This conversation was both thought provoking and insightful in unpacking the different ways men are impacted by infertility. Plug in and listen to what these three panelists had to say about male infertility, the stigma that surrounds it, what to expect during testing, and when men should begin the process. Join the conversation.

Featured Panelists: Journalist, K. Jared Wright, RESOLVE Peer-led Support Group host, Nathan Silva, Senior Manager of Clinical Services at Legacy, Stephanie Keller, and moderated by Barb Collura, RESOLVE President and CEO

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