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Texas Bill: HB 1649

Health benefit coverage for certain fertility preservation services under certain health benefit plans.
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Current Status:

Filed in the House on 1/25/2023. Introduced in the Senate on 02/27/2023. Referred to Insurance in the House on 03/08/2023. Passed the House Insurance Committee on 04/25/2023. Committee report sent to calendars on 04/28/2023. Passed in the House on 05/05/2023. House Committee report printed and distributed on 05/21/2023. Passed the Senate with amendments and was sent back to the House to be amended on 05/23/2023. Bill was passed and sent to be signed by the Governor on 05/25/2023. The Governor signed HB 1649 on 06/13/2023.

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Letter of Support for HB 1649