Current Legislation

New York Bill Number: A 6832 & S 6386

Relates to the requirements of surrogacy programs and criteria for surrogacy arrangements.
Does RESOLVE Support or Oppose?

RESOLVE supports these bills. This is a carryover bill from 2021.

Current Status:

Bill was introduced in the Assembly and referred to Judiciary Committee on 4/12/21. S 6396 was introduced in the Senate and referred to Judiciary Committee on 4/27/21. On 1/5/22, S6386 was referred to the Judiciary and on 5/28/22, it was amended and recommitted to the Judiciary. A6832 was recommitted to the judiciary on 6/1/22. The legislature adjourned on 6/4/22 and the bill did not advance.

Is Action Needed Now?
Additional Info:

Link to Bill: A 6832;

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