Current Legislation

Louisiana Bill: HB186

Relative to health insurance coverage for standard fertility preservation services
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RESOLVE supports this bill.

Current Status:

Prefiled on 03/24/2023. Passed the House Committee on Insurance on 04/26/2023. Recommitted to the Committee on Appropriation on 04/27/2023. Has a hearing on 05/17/2023. Received in the Senate, read for the first time by title, and placed on the Calendar for a second reading on 05/18/2023. The bill passed the Senate Finance Committee on 05/30/2023. The bill was received from the Senate with amendments and is scheduled for concurrence on 06/05/2023. This bill passed the House and Senate and was sent to the Governor for executive approval on 06/08/2023. The bill was signed into law on 6/14/2023.

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