Current Legislation

DC Bill: B25-0034

Expanding Access to Fertility Treatment Amendment Act of 2023 would require an individual health plan, group plan, or health insurer offering health insurance coverage through Medicaid and the D.C. Healthcare Alliance program to provide coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility.
Does RESOLVE Support or Oppose?

RESOLVE supports with amendments.

Current Status:

Introduced on 01/13/2023. Referred to Committee on Business and Economic Development, and Committee on Health on 01/17/2023. Notice of Mark-up filed in the Office of Secretary on 05/16/2023. Passed the Health and Business & Economic Development Committees on 06/02/2023. The bill passed unanimously on the first reading by the full Council on 06/07/2023. The bill had a final reading on 06/20/2023. This bill was transmitted to the Mayor on 07/06/2023. This bill was signed and returned from the Mayor on 07/20/2023. This bill was transmitted to Congress and became DC law on 09/06/2023.

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