Current Legislation

California Bill Number: AB-2029

Healthcare coverage: treatment for infertility.
Does RESOLVE Support or Oppose?

RESOLVE supports this bill.

Current Status:

Introduced on 2/14/22 and referred to Health Committee. Heard in Committee on 4/26/22 and passed with amendments and referred to Appropriations Committee. Scheduled to be heard in Appropriations on 5/18/22.

Is Action Needed Now?
Additional Info:

Action Needed: Please email the Appropriations Committee at

In the subject line, write “Support for AB-2029.” In the body of the email, write “I am writing in support of AB-2029.” If you have time, feel free to share your story and how much this legislation requiring insurance coverage for IVF means to you. The Committee is likely to do a tally of those who support and oppose, so expressing your support is the most important message. And be sure to include your name and home address in your signature.

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RESOLVE's letter of support

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