Low Cost Fertility Treatment Options

There are many medical conditions that can be the underlying cause of infertility for both men and women. Learn more about some of them below and possible options.

What are my options?

Thanks to continued advances in reproductive medicine, in vitro fertilization (IVF) has become a highly successful treatment for infertility. IVF treatments are more invasive than other treatments and can be a costly option, particularly for patients lacking fertility insurance coverage. Many patients believe that IVF provides their only chance of having a baby; however, this may not be the case. There are a few absolute indications for needing IVF, such as absent or damaged fallopian tubes, desire for preimplantation genetic testing, severe male factor, or unsuccessful attempts with less invasive treatments.

Contributed by: Desireé McCarthy-Keith, MD, is a reproductive endocrinologist in Atlanta, Georgia.

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