When is it time to stop fertility treatments?

Contributed by: Penny Joss Fletcher, M.A., Joan Rabinor and Eileen Ivey

How do you know when is the right time for you to stop fertility treatments? Often the decision to end treatment is reluctantly made from the inside out.

What Are My Options?

How are you to know when it is time to stop fertility treatments?

Whether you have done three cycles of the same treatment or ten cycles of a variety of treatments, when you are not successful in conceiving and bringing a baby home, you will be asking yourselves what to do next.

First, consider taking a break from treatment if you are feeling extremely overwhelmed. This will give you a chance to recuperate from the daily doctor visits and medication injections. It will also allow you to experience what it feels like to not be on the infertility rollercoaster. You may decide that you do not want to get back on it or you may find yourself enthusiastic to begin the next step.

When you find yourself at a crossroads about whether to stop fertility treatments, start by assessing how much the treatment process has affected you up to this point.

  • What’s the status of your resources – finances, time, emotional energy, physical energy, social support?
  • Are you morally, ethically or religiously comfortable with the next treatment options offered?
  • Maybe you do not really know anymore how you feel and need to check in with a mentor, a trained counselor or a support group member?

Be sure to take into consideration the diagnosis and prognosis you have received from your physician. It is not necessary to have tried everything available but to know you have given it your very best effort respecting your physical, emotional and financial resources.