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IVF supporters are ‘freaking out’ over Alabama court decision treating embryos as children

Published by USA Today. Read the full article here.

Frantic calls to fertility clinics. Plans to move frozen embryos to states with more liberal reproductive laws. Heartbreaking decisions about when and where to get pregnant.

A religious-tinged Alabama court ruling last week regarding frozen embryos has sparked panic across the in-vitro fertilization community nationwide as patients, practitioners and attorneys grapple with the decision’s implications.

Advocates said they expect the decision to force some IVF clinics to halt operations.

“People are really freaking out,” said Lindsay Heller, a New Jersey-based family law attorney and mother of two IVF children. “I thank whoever is up there (in heaven) every day for my beautiful happy children. And the idea that someone could be deprived of that because of some government decision, well, I could cry. It’s devastating that this is the world we’re living in right now.”

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