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IVF made me a mom. Abortion ban bills could take that option from others.

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Without being able to create embryos through the IVF process, this Mother’s Day would likely look vastly different for me and my husband.

This Mother’s Day – my fifth as a mother – will be spent with my curious and joyful daughter. When she’s not busy asking me questions about everything she sees in the world, she’s making up songs about her life or planning her next playdate with friends. While she is aware that we needed medical assistance to have her, she is blissfully unaware of the heartache we experienced before she entered our lives due to our experience with infertility.

We are fortunate we had access to the care we needed to treat this medical condition and had the funds to pay for the care. And we are so blessed that, after two egg retrievals and two embryo transfers, she is here with us today.

But this Mother’s Day, too many South Carolinians who deeply want to be mothers are afraid their dreams will become collateral damage of proposed legislation to ban abortion. Following last year’s Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court decision, lawmakers across the country have proposed reproductive restrictions in the name of preserving life – restrictions that may lead to bans on IVF.

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