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Infertility treatment advocates in North Dakota fear for the future this legislative session

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Infertility treatment advocates worry treatments like IVF may be lumped with abortion legislation following the decision to overturn Roe Vs. Wade.

BISMARCK — Legislative sessions are now underway in 15 states across the country.

This year, bans on reproductive healthcare may be on the table following the decision to reverse Roe V. Wade, which gives individual states the right to regulate access to abortions.

Following the decision, fertility doctors across the country have feared potential restrictions on treatments like In Vitro Fertilization, or IVF, as lawmakers lump it in with abortion legislation.

“You are taking sperm, you’re taking an egg, and you are in a petri-dish in a laboratory, hopefully creating an embryo, or more than one, with the goal being you transfer that embryo back into the uterus in hopes that nine months later, there is a baby,” said Barbara Collura, president and CEO of Resolve: The National Infertility Organization.

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