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A Research Study on Fertility and Family-building in Young Adult Cancer Survivorship

We have developed an informational website that aims to support and empower women to understand and navigate fertility and family-building options after cancer treatment. Our goal with this study is to get valuable feedback from women like you about this website.

Who is Eligible? Any woman who…

  • is between 18 and 45 years of age
  • has completed cancer treatment at least 6 months ago (excluding long-term adjuvant or maintenance
  • is interested in having a child (or more children) or unsure of family building plans
  • understands verbal and written English
  • has access to the Internet and use of a computer,
    tablet, or smartphone

What Does the Study Involve?
The completion of 3 brief online surveys, each of which take between 20-30 minutes, over the course of 3 months.

Contact Dr. Catherine Benedict, Principal Investigator at to join this study.
Participant’s rights questions, contact 1-866-680-2906

Survey closes 12/31/2022

Male Reproductive Health Initiative (MRHI): Male Infertility Questionnaire

You are invited to be in a research study of men who have faced infertility. You were selected as a possible participant because you have experience with male infertility.

MRHI is a global collaboration dedicated to advancing the science and practice of male reproductive medicine. The MRHI accomplishes its mission by promoting and contributing to high quality research in both basic and clinical science, forging collaborative relationships with professional societies to contribute to a mission of education, and through advocacy of MRHI to all stakeholders including patient support groups, funding agencies, non-for-profit organizations, industry, and the public.

The questionnaire is executed in cooperation with Fertility Europe, which is an umbrella organisation of European infertility patient associations.

Learn more here:
Survey closes 11/1/2021

Pre-IVF Treatment with a GnRH Antagonist in Women with Endometriosis – A Prospective Double-blind Placebo-controlled Trial (PREGnant)

To compare cumulative live birth rates from In Vitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfer (IVF-ET) cycles in women with endometriosis treated with a 60-day course of oral GnRH antagonist ORILISSA™ (elagolix) vs placebo prior to embryo transfer (ET). Must be between 18 years and 38 years old. The trial will last 50 months. Please contact Hugh S. Taylor, MD from Yale School of Medicine by email at or call 203-785-4001.

Survey closes 10/1/2024

Psychosocial Experience of IVF

I am a genetic counseling student at Mount Sinai conducting a research study examining the quality of life of those undergoing IVF. Adults who have undergone IVF in the past or are currently undergoing IVF treatment are eligible, including those using IVF for genetic indications. Participation involves taking an anonymous survey, which takes about 5-10 minutes. We anticipate that this research will help improve patient care and improve mental health for those experiencing the stress associated with IVF.

If you are interested in participating, please access the survey here:

This study is IRB approved exempt. If you have any questions, please reach out to

Survey closes 12/31/2021

The Role of Exercise in Women on Success Rates of In-Vitro Fertilization

My name is Hannah Willett and I am a master’s student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in North Carolina, USA. My research team is conducting a research study on how certain behaviors, particularly exercise, impact the success rates of in-vitro fertilization.

If you have been diagnosed with female infertility and completed at least 1 cycle of IVF in the last 10 years, share your experiences in an anonymous, 10-minute online survey to support women with infertility and improve our understandings of how behaviors impact IVF.

Your responses will be anonymous and you can exit the survey at any time. The research study has been approved by the Institutional Review Board (#21-2260). For specific questions and inquiries, please email me at Please note the survey is in English.

Click here for more information and to complete the survey.

Survey closes 3/31/2022