Its already hard enough for people with infertility and those who face barriers building their family. Especially, for the people whose treatment plans and adoption placements have been put on hold. Both patients, families in waiting, and professionals’ lives have been forever changed by the global impact surrounded by COVID-19. Let’s join together as a community and support one another!

RESOLVE is committed to bringing together the community and support them in their time of need. Below is a list of products, services, and professionals that are extending free services or discounted offers.

Keep checking our page, as we are adding new offers daily!

If you are a professional and you would like to share your #IFCommunityOffers with us, please contact with the subject line: #IFCommunityOffers.

Updated 4/27/2020

#IFCommunityOffers by State

Applicable to all USA & International Patients:

ORM Fertility will offer the following to the RESOLVE Community:

  1. Complimentary Virtual Consultations (for all appointment types)
  2. $300 Care credit voucher, applicable toward any treatment at ORM (with established care, reference: RESOLVE)
  3. Complimentary Virtual Fertility Seminars (with live question and answer opportunities)

Any RESOLVE community member interested in any treatment option or even a discovery call can contact ORM Fertility via email at or by calling (503) 274-4994.


Law Offices of Debrah B. Rosenthal, APC – Helping Your Family Grow
120 Eucalyptus Lane, Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Phone: 818.359-9237
Discounted legal services for Intended Parents in California and surrogate reviews throughout the US.

Grand Cayman

Cayman Fertility Centre located in Grand Cayman opened in March 2019 and to celebrate their first year of success they are offering ONE FREE IVF cycle in Grand Cayman during the 2020 calendar year. Entries can be posted between Friday, March 27th through Friday, May 1st. Visit for more information.

Virtual Services and Discounted Products

Discounted Products

Coast Science is offering a 25% discount on our Coast Science® Fertility products. The supplements are all-in-one formulas which contain all scientifically-backed vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that studies have shown to have a significant impact on fertility.  Offer expires June 30, 2020. Use coupon code RESOLVE2020 to get 25% off. Visit for information about Coast Science supplements.

Legacy: In an effort to alleviate some of the financial and emotional stress caused by
COVID-19, Legacy is providing a discount on their services to men who may not have access to fertility clinics during this time (or may not feel comfortable visiting a doctor’s office right now), and want to test and preserve their sperm.

Legacy is a Boston-based, Harvard- backed male fertility solution that helps men test and freeze their sperm from home. Visit for more information.

Merck (NYSE: MRK) has announced it is taking a number of new steps to support patients in the United States who may have lost their jobs and insurance coverage during the COVID-19 Pandemic including:

  1. First, Merck will continue to ensure access to Merck medicines at no cost for eligible patients through its Merck Patient Assistance Program. The Merck Patient Assistance Program is helping patients who have lost their job or cannot get into their doctor’s office during this crisis, including assessing patients’ real-time financial situations, providing assistance with expiring enrollments, and offering new options to collect signatures on enrollment forms.
  2. Merck is also offering U.S. access and assistance programs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including a temporary $0 co-pay for certain products for eligible privately insured patients who are enrolled in the Merck Access Program. In addition, Merck has, where appropriate, relaxed certain refill restrictions related to coupon use, and all existing coupon programs remain available to privately insured eligible patients.

To learn more about resources Merck has available for patients who need help
during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, call 1-800-672-6372 or visit Merck’s information page on

Proov is offering a 30% discount on all Proov Progestrone test kits until the end of March through our website
Code is : SUPPORT30

Surrogacy Creations is a full service Surrogacy and Egg Donation Agency and is offering 40% off agency fees to our intended parents and a $2,500 sign on bonus to our egg donors. Visit: or call: 314-778-2700

Virtual Counseling:

Virtual Meet-Up offered by Jessie Bernstein, LMT, BCTMB, CEIM (she/her), Maryland Licensed Massage Therapist
Virtual Meet Ups: The first Sunday of the month plus the 3rd Wednesday, both at 7pm EST. Closed group on FB, as well.
All of the meet-up events are posted to my business page:
Pineapple Connections:

Free initial consultation with Embrace Fertility. Fertility wellness programs available to support fertility from within through lifestyle modifications.
Contact: Lauren Haring, RN –

The FertilityAnswers App offers access to reduced fee telehealth consults and IVF services, as well as unlimited questions you can ask of hundreds of fertility experts. Additionally, there will be 30% off the cost of all fertility genetics kits with the code: RESOLVE at checkout. Learn more here.

Lighthouse Fertility and IVF Coaching is offering customized fertility and IVF coaching packages and workshops, designed to help navigate the emotional tolls of infertility.
Discounted mini-coaching/mentoring package which is virtually delivered (phone and/or skype) aimed at helping this community work through how to cope with delayed cycles, and other challenges that are faced daily. This offer include two 45 min virtual sessions for $95 Canadian. Learn more here.

General Fertility virtual support group meetings provided by: Lori Metz, lcsw, ccm, be-tmh, Psychotherapist
Facebook: lorimetzlcsw

Amazon’s Best Selling book “Infertility Can SUCK LESS!” reduced Kindle price to .99 cents. Here is the link to purchase the book at this low price. 

Free virtual peer support groups offered by RESOLVE New England

Rochelle Anixt Gold, LMSW, MA is offering to meet by phone with any individual or couple who wish to talk through their family plan and hopes for the future as a gratis charge. If they wish to continue, it is possible to use health insurance plans for submitting claims and reimbursement. Benefits for telehealth are available across the country as all forms of contact are accessible and any restrictions have been waived. Visit at Check-Up for Emotional Health.

Virtual Fitness

Fertile Hope Yoga is offering 50% off enrollment for the IGNITE Your Fertility program. This program is an online mind/body program that includes yoga and meditation for fertility, online group coaching, online support and more… Code: BETTERTOGETHER
Instagram/Facebook: @fertilehopeyoga

Fertility Fitness During the COVID-19 Crisis Webinar- Join Pulling Down the Moon Co-Founder Beth Heller and Dr. Jennifer Hirshfeld-Cytron of Fertility Centers of Illinois to get the research-based tips and tricks you can use to maximize your fertility now. Watch the replay now!

Yoga for Optimizing Fertility
All Classes are Free. Yoga for women who desire a gentle and effective approach to optimizing fertility. Partners are welcome! A series of 6 classes on “Zoom” each class lasting 75 minutes. ALL LEVELS WELCOME. This practice is therapeutic and nourishing with the goal to enhance fertility. Target is to start by mid to late June. Time and Day to be determined upon confirmation. (6 to 8 regular students per session) If you are interested and would like more information, please contact Paulette directly at or call 301-802-0500 and leave a message.

Virtual Meditation Group

Warrior Healing Circles, to support women whose fertility treatments were cancelled, and those who had found out they needed some form of treatment, just prior to the onset of COVID-19. Join a virtual and weekly Healing Circle on Thursday evenings at 8pm, on both Zoom and Instagram live.
Follow Miracle Eggz on IG:

Each Healing Circle is filled with:

  • 5-mins Breathing Exercise⁣
  • 12-mins “BLURT” session (If you’ve never done one before, this is a powerful and very physical release of all things holding you back + music 🎶), followed by⁣
  • 5-mins Guided Meditation⁣

Virtual Traditional Chinese Medicine Resource

Pulling Down the Moon – Maximizing Fertility with TCM Treatment from Home Webinar: PDtM Acupuncture Director Christine Davis shared how you can take advantage of Traditional Chinese Medicine for fertility during the Covid-19 crisis. Learn about DIY lifestyle steps like acupressure and qi gong as well as how “Tele-TCM” treatment works and whether it’s right for you. Watch the replay now!