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Hundreds of Alabama IVF Patients, Families & Doctors Gather at State House to Save Access to IVF

Alabamians, devastated by the State Supreme Court’s ruling, appeal to lawmakers for legislation to safeguard the right to build families through healthcare

FEB. 28, 2024 – MONTGOMERY, AL – Hundreds of people who have undergone, are in the midst of, or need IVF, fertility doctors and advocates for family-building gathered at the Alabama State House today as part of ongoing efforts to save access to in-vitro fertilization (IVF) in Alabama following the recent State Supreme Court ruling conferring personhood status on embryos.

Since the February 16 ruling, most fertility clinics across the state have suspended IVF, leaving thousands of distraught patients and families. At least one embryo-shipping company has stopped transferring embryos out of Alabama. This ruling is crushing for the one in six people impacted by infertility, who may need IVF to build their families, and threatens the existence of fertility care within the state.

Alabama’s leaders have the opportunity to restore the dreams of would-be parents,” said Barbara Collura, President of RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association. “Send a message to families that you will stand by them. We call on the Alabama legislature to enact a swift and meaningful solution.

“This issue is personal to me. As a mother-to-be because of IVF currently expecting my second baby, I can’t imagine having to leave the state of Alabama to receive IVF care,” said Corinn O’Brien, of the Fight for Alabama Families Coalition.

As an infertility physician I am used to difficult conversations, but these last two weeks have been absolutely heartbreaking,” said Dr. Mamie McLean, of Alabama Fertility Specialists.

It is our honor to help our patients become parents, and it has been terrible to have our most successful treatment taken from us,” said Dr. Beth Malizia, a specialist in infertility and reproductive surgery.

Access to IVF has broad support across the country. According to a recent nationwide survey, 85 percent of all respondents, including 86 percent of women, support increasing access to fertility-related care and services. Moreover, 86 percent of all respondents favor increasing access to IVF.

RESOLVE will continue to be on the front lines protecting access to IVF and ensuring people in Alabama and across the country have family-building options,” added Collura.

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