The media coverage this year around National Infertility Awareness Week is clear—access to family building options is a critical issue.

So how does all this awareness help RESOLVE’s initiatives to increase access to care?

  • When state lawmakers see infertility covered in the news and then a constituent visits their office to ask for access to insurance coverage, it helps the lawmaker understand their constituent and the importance of this public health issue.
  • When the media covers this topic, it helps remove the isolation that so many people with infertility feel, which helps them feel empowered to share their story and become an advocate.

In April alone we’ve had big things happen for #Access2Care:

  • There is movement on a bill in the California legislature to increase access to IVF coverage.
  • Texas took the next step to ensure cancer patients have access to fertility preservation coverage.
  • In New York, 2.5 million people whose employers are part of the large group insurance market found out that in 2020 they will have access to insurance coverage that includes up to 3 rounds of IVF.

Right now RESOLVE and our advocates are engaged with 17 bills in 12 states that would increase access to IVF or fertility preservation; 9 bills in 7 states that would improve access to gestational surrogacy; and we are fighting 9 personhood bills in 6 states that could negatively impact access to IVF. Infertility awareness is a huge part of our advocacy story.

What can you do?

Watch Awareness and Access in action.