The Walk of Hope is a collaborative effort between local volunteer leaders and RESOLVE staff. The local event volunteers work closely with RESOLVE’s National Walk of Hope Manager (NWM) to plan and manage a successful event.

Below you will find detailed descriptions of the Volunteer Leadership Team roles and a list of responsibilities. Your commitment to participate in and support the Walk of Hope are vital to the success of the program.

Volunteer Leadership Team: Roles Descriptions

Event Chair or Co-Chair

The Event Chair and Co-Chair are two very important positions that will work in collaboration with the National Walk Manager (NWM).

Duties will include:

  • Overall planning and management of the event.
  • Enlist and manage volunteers for the major volunteer positions listed below.
  • Ensure the overall success of the event, which includes meeting participation and fundraising goals.

Succession Planning Process: The Chair/Co-Chairs will work with RESOLVE’s National Walk Manager (NWM) to help retain current volunteers as well as engage new volunteers. In union with the NWM, the Chair and/or Co-Chairs commit to:

  • Encourage and support new and current volunteers.
  • Keep record of all volunteer names and contact information, identify what they are looking for by volunteering, and what skills they bring to the planning committee.
  • Communicate volunteer opportunities to event participants and top fundraisers.
    Identify opportunities to recruit local volunteers for the committee and on event day.
  • Develop a plan for outreach to local volunteers.
  • Incorporate opportunities to recognize volunteers.
  • Support the NWM in managing and training the volunteer committee by providing an induction orientation, facilitating participation in committee calls, event day orientation and scheduling.
  • Commit to securing a Co-Chair to lead in case of your retirement or unforeseen issue that causes your absence. Allow for a six-week on boarding period for new Chairs and Co-Chairs.

The Chair & Co-Chair work closely with the following positions:

Sponsorship Outreach Volunteer

Sponsorship Outreach Volunteers will work in partnership with the Chair/Co-Chairs and RESOLVE staff to develop a target list of corporate sponsors and track results.

RESOLVE’s Walk of Hope Sponsorship Opportunities Packet and Sponsorship Instructions for Volunteers are available in a Google Drive or through email and will help you to secure sponsorships from all family building professionals, such as fertility clinics and adoption agencies.

Duties will include:

  • Outreach to local clinics, professionals, and businesses to participate in the Walk of Hope through paid sponsorships.
  • Work in partnership with the Chair/Co-Chairs and RESOLVE staff to develop a target list of corporate sponsors and track results.

Team Development & Engagement Volunteer (Corporate and Individual)

Team Development and Engagement Volunteers will work in partnership with RESOLVE staff to engage sponsors and teams.

Duties will include:

  • Work with confirmed sponsors, using the Sponsor Activation Sheet to fulfill their sponsorship commitment, including promoting the event, fielding a team to walk in the event and creating a festive environment at their tent.
  • Help professional sponsors promote the event to the local community as a way to support family and friends who are a part of the infertility community.
  • Serve as a fundraising and Classy* Ambassador. Volunteers will work with all registered team captains to keep them engaged through emails and special recognition. They will monitor and encourage individual and team fundraising activities and use e-mails to encourage registrants to create and update their Personal and Team Pages to reach their fundraising goals. Weekly email
    lists and sample messages will be provided.
  • Team Development and Engagement Volunteers will work in partnership with RESOLVE staff to engage sponsors and teams.

*Classy is the name of the online fundraising software that enables Walk participants to create Personal or Team Fundraising web pages and send donation appeals via email to their friends & family.

Social Media Volunteer

Social Media Volunteers help us spread the word about the event on social media.

Duties will include:

  • Work closely with the Community Promotion Volunteer(s) to ensure daily posts on social media, including but not limited to the Walk’s specific Walk of Hope Facebook Event page.
  • Generate excitement about the event and post relevant information as it pertains to the timeline, including promoting, congratulating and building comradery with other Walks taking place throughout the country.
  • Outreach to social media influencers in the local family building community.

Community Promotion Volunteer

The Community Promotion Volunteers will focus on marketing and PR efforts in the community to promote the Walk of Hope using all local media outlets.

Duties will include:

  • Work with the NWM to develop marketing materials such as fliers and buck slips using templates provided by RESOLVE.
  • Secure media partnerships, publicity, and ideally a local celebrity/public figure to serve as the Master of Ceremonies.
  • Write press releases using templates provided by RESOLVE.
  • Work closely to provide the Social Media Volunteers with ideas for daily posts.
  • Submit Walk of Hope details to local media outlets, local news, radio, newsletters, and calendar listings.

Logistics Volunteer

Logistics Volunteers will ensure a logistically-smooth event day, from set-up to clean-up. Their main focus will be event development with a Health and Wellness; self-care, focus and event-day volunteer recruitment. They will also engage local businesses and professionals to participate in the Walk of Hope through in-kind donations.

Duties will include:

  • Securing 2 – 3 Health & Wellness focused enhancements/demonstrations implemented into the Walk day activities. These enhancement/demonstrations will be in-kind donations and the donor would be invited to bring their own tent.

Examples would include: Yoga demo focused on fertility enhancement, Ask the Expert: Mental Health Practitioners, Reach out to community: Health food stores (i.e. Whole Foods donation of produce, breakfast bars & juice boxes), and On-site chair massages.

  • Secure event day activities: Select activities must fit within the event budget (which will be provided) and be balanced for adults and children to offer a fun, exciting, and educational environment for all who participate. The activities determine the overall spirit of the event and volunteers should strive for a good balance of activities for adults and children with a focus on health and wellness.
  • Recruit event-day workforce. Work with NWM to form an event day volunteer recruitment strategy.
  • Event day duties include site set-up, route set-up, signage placement, registration process, overseeing event-day activities, tear down and clean-up.

Volunteers will customize a “Run of Show” provided by RESOLVE and communicate with event day volunteers.