Infertility Professionals in your area will want to support your efforts. Look for ways to get them involved. First and most importantly, encourage them to create a team and fundraise. Their team can consist of staff and patients. Don’t limit your outreach to clinics. Consider mental health professionals, acupuncturist, etc.

Ask them for help covering any expenses you incur. See Walk Expenses Guidelines if you are considering creating sponsorship opportunities.

Sell them “booth” space. Allow them to bring a tent (specify a size limit), folding table, and chairs. Many clinics have branded give aways that they can share, or can simply give out information about their business. Some might bring snacks or drinks.

Give a free “booth” to your local support group(s) so they can share their info. Print RESOLVE’s flyer to distribute to those who are looking for online resources.

To add value for professionals, create a “Treasure Hunt” to encourage attendees to visit with them. Create a card with the name of each vendor that attendees can get stamped at each booth. Solicit small prizes, such as gift cards from local businesses, and have a drawing for anyone who completes their card.