Social Media Goals

When using Social Media to promote the DIY Walk of Hope, create updates/posts that:

Engage: Encourage a dialogue with your followers by asking questions & giving them opportunities to comment on posts.
Motivate: Create inspirational posts that make followers laugh/smile/feel inspired to get more involved in the DIY Walk of Hope.
Update: Followers need regular updates on DIY Walk related news. Be sure to provide fundraising goal progress.
Thank: Don’t forget to thank DIY Walk sponsors, walkers, fundraisers, volunteers etc.

Housekeeping Items

When creating a Facebook page for your event, be sure to list the title as the following:

City, State DIY Walk of Hope
For example: Houston, TX DIY Walk of Hope

Be sure to use caps when using RESOLVE’s name on social media.
For example: You’re invited to RESOLVE’s 1st annual Houston, TX DIY Walk of Hope! Walk with Houston at the 1st annual DIY Walk of Hope to support RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association.

Feel free to use as much as or as little social media as you would like (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)

Volunteers are responsible for all social media posts. Remember, volunteers are responsible for posting ALL content. RESOLVE will NOT provide content, pictures or images for volunteers to post.

From time to time, RESOLVE may promote DIY Walks of Hope on RESOLVE social media. If there is reason for RESOLVE to believe there is any negativity associated with your DIY social media, you will be asked to take it down.

RESOLVE reserves the right to ask you to edit or delete any posts.

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

By posting about a RESOLVE event in an official capacity, you are representing RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association. Be mindful about how you represent your DIY Walk of Hope on Facebook and social media.

It’s also important to monitor your event page & respond to questions & comments as needed.


  • Create “events” on Facebook if you’d like. Emphasis that selecting “interested” on the Facebook event does not register you for the event. Frequently include a DIY Walk of Hope registration ask & include the link to register in your posts.
  • Post at least once a day. (An easy way to achieve this goal is by scheduling posts in advance using, a free online scheduling service.)
  • Be yourself. Let your personality shine in your Facebook/Twitter/social media posts.
  • Motivate people who have already registered to fundraise. Include DIY Walk tips & tools that you create.
  • Communicate that RESOLVE is a charity & DIY Walks are events that help support RESOLVE’s mission.
  • Recognize & thank all Walk sponsors. Link to them (tag them or @mention them) when possible. (follow the guidelines in your sponsorship agreement for number of call outs, if appropriate).
  • Like/Follow all RESOLVE DIY Walk sponsors with a Facebook presence.
  • Help promote the DIY Walk of Hope by asking followers to share the post with others.
  • Social media images can easily be created through free online programs such as and 


  • Swear or use any off-color remarks in your posts.
  • Make jokes about RESOLVE, the infertility community, sponsors or representatives.
  • Use this event to comment on issues inside or outside of the infertility community.
  • Tag participants on Facebook without written permission from the participant. Participants in the infertility community may not want to broadcast to their friends & family that they are participating in the Walk.
  • Criticize/Call out participants for not raising enough or any money.
  • Endorse or demonstrate favoritism for specific sponsors.
    Don’t post: “Thank you ABC Clinic for sponsoring the DIY Walk of Hope or DIY! If you’re looking for a fertility clinic, visit them at their offices in three locations.”
    Don’t post: “Thank Dr. Smith for your generous donation. Not only are you a great doctor, you’re very generous, too!”
    Don’t post: “I just had the best experience at ‘ABC Acupuncture!’ Thank you for that great session & being a DIY Walk of Hope sponsor!”
  • Share information from sponsors without acknowledging their sponsorship.

Social Media Tips:

  • Sign up for the free website, Canva gives you everything you need to easily turn ideas into stunning designs. Create designs for web or print: blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations & so much more.
  • Try to ask questions in your posts to encourage engagement. You will not always get comments but that is ok!
  • When creating a post, think about what catches your attention when you are scanning your newsfeed.
  • Always include a picture or graphic in your posts.
  • By reminding your followers that this is a fundraising event & that there’s a goal (see your DIY Walk website for the goal), your post will help everyone get more engaged with fundraising.

Sample Facebook Posts:

  • Encourage team captains to take the lead!
    Sample Post: Team captains! Get your whole team engaged & ask them to like our Facebook page. We will be posting important updates for all participants.
  • Encourage them to invite people
    Sample Post: Share this post with everyone you know asking them to support you and attend the 1st annual <insert location> DIY Walk of Hope. You can also email or hand out these Walk flyers.
    Sample Post: Who Should Walk? Invite someone you know that fits one of the descriptions below:
    ◊ Those still on their family building journey.
    ◊ Anyone who has resolved their infertility.
    ◊ Family, friends & anyone who cares about someone with infertility.
    ◊ Clinics, professionals, services providers, businesses and their clients & employees.
  • Visit the RESOLVE Flickr page and share images from past walks: These posts can give participants ideas for their upcoming Walk.
    Sample Post: How cute is this fur baby’s shirt?! We will be having a fur baby costume contest at the <insert location> DIY Walk of Hope. Are you going to bring your fur baby to the Walk?
  • Create a Facebook banner using Canva & ask your followers to change their cover photos.
    Sample post: Want to help spread the word about the <insert location> DIY Walk of Hope? Here is a custom Facebook banner you can use as your cover photo! <insert file>
  • If applicable, share posts from the general RESOLVE Facebook page.
    Sample post: Share this post & let your friends & family know that the infertility community needs their support!
  • If applicable, keep track of the Walk/Event days for other DIY Walk of Hope and post a Good Luck <insert location> Walkers & a supportive message.
  • Create a video and share it. Keep the video short 30 sec to 1 min. Talk about why you are hosting a DIY Walk of Hope, announce interesting updates, announce a fundraising challenge, etc.
  • Do weekly updates that include a tip to get closer to your goal.
    Sample post: Tip of the week- Ask five friends for $10 to support your DIY Walk of Hope team.
  • Tip of the week- If you haven’t already, personalize your profile in the DIY Walk of Hope registration link & share with your network. Give them an opportunity to support you.
  • Tip of the week- Hold a coffee break or lunchtime bake sale at your office. Ask coworkers to help by baking items to sell. (RESOLVE President/CEO, Barb Collura, sells homemade scones to raise funds at RESOLVE HQ for her DC Walk of Hope team!)