1. All Giveaway items must be donated to RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association and no fees shall be paid by RESOLVE for any of the items.
  2. For items of value under $1,000, raffle tickets can and should be sold at the event and not in advance.
  3. Anyone attending the event can purchase these raffle tickets for the under $1,000 items and can choose which prizes to win.
  4. Event attendees are not required to fundraise for or donate to RESOLVE prior to the event to be able to buy these raffle tickets for the under $1,000 items onsite.
  5. Raffle ticket prices must be approved by the RESOLVE Walk of Hope Manager.
  6. Event organizers can decide to give Attendees a raffle ticket for the under $1,000 items if they donate or raise a certain amount in advance of the Event through Classy, RESOLVE’s online fundraising platform.
  7. RESOLVE reserves the right to change the guidelines at any time. RESOLVE reserves the right to refuse to accept Giveaway items. RESOLVE reserves the right to not award a Giveaway to someone if any rules were broken or impropriety is suspected.
  8. For items valued at $1,000 and over, such as an IVF medical treatment cycle, hereafter referred to as “Higher-Valued Item Giveaway,” the following guidelines apply and must be followed:
    1. To be eligible to win a Higher-Valued Item Giveaway, an Event Attendee must have set-up an Individual Fundraising Page, a Team Page or joined an existing Team via Classy, RESOLVE’s online fundraising tool. Follow this link, choose the Walk of Hope or DIY Walk of Hope you wish to register for, click “Register” then register as an Individual, “Join a Team” or “Create a Team.”
    2. After registering as an individual, as a team or joining an existing team, Event Attendee must either donate a minimum of $75.00 or raise a minimum of $75.00 to be eligible for the Higher-Valued Item Giveaway. If someone donates to an existing team, the $75.00 donation can only be counted once – for either the donor or the Team Captain.
    3. If the minimum is met, when Event Attendee attends the event, he/she will receive one ticket for the Higher-Valued Item Giveaway. Additional tickets for the Higher-Valued Item Giveaway cannot be purchased. Each person raising or donating $75.00 gets one ticket only; each $75.00 donation only counts once, for either the donor or the Team Captain. It is recommended that the ticket colors be different between the Higher-Valued Item Giveaway and the general raffle for items valued under $1,000. Tickets cannot be donated to someone else.
    4. If there is more than one Higher-Valued Item, Event Attendee can only put their ticket in one of the prize boxes.
    5. If two people from the same household win more than one Higher-Valued Item, they can only claim one prize. They must decide which item to accept and other tickets will be drawn for the item they do not accept.
    6. Higher-Valued Items cannot be transferred or donated to someone else. The winning ticket receives the item, unless they decline, then another ticket is drawn.
    7. Winners must be present to win. No-shows will not count. If the winner is not present, another ticket will be drawn.