Welcome! We are so glad you are stepping up in a BIG WAY for RESOLVE by hosting a DIY Walk of Hope fundraising event.

Friends, families, organizations, healthcare and family building professionals, and support groups organize DIY Walks of Hope to honor those who have been touched by infertility. Team members make a difference by asking their colleagues, friends, family and acquaintances to support them with a donation to the infertility movement.

As a DIY Walk Chair, you’ve taken the first step in making our common goals a reality:

  • Raise funds to support RESOLVE’s mission and programs
  • Bring people together in your local area to support the infertility community
  • Raise awareness about infertility and RESOLVE
  • Improve the lives of people living with infertility

We are grateful to have your leadership.

In communities across America, leaders like you are gathering people together to make a difference and to show that no one should have to go through infertility alone. Walk participants share an incredible experience, exchange stories and take pride in their efforts to make a difference in the lives of the 1 in 8 couples diagnosed with infertility. As a DIY Walk Chair, you are a taking charge and making sure RESOLVE’s programs and services reach members of your community who are in need of help.

Thank you for taking this first step with us.

What does a successful DIY Walk of Hope look like?

There is no single answer to that question. You might choose to get together with your support group and their friends and families and walk around your neighborhood. You might recruit a large committee, reserve a public space, secure sponsors, print t-shirts, hold a silent auction, have entertainment and go crazy. Or, you might do something in between.

Your measures of success are having a well planned and executed event, providing a meaningful experience for those who attend, and meeting the goals you set.

The Role of the DIY Walk Chair

DIY Walk Chairs help make a meaningful impact on the 7.3 million Americans living with infertility by helping to raise much needed funds and spread infertility awareness in local communities. RESOLVE is thrilled to welcome you as a DIY Walk Chair and provide you with the tools you need for a successful DIY Walk of Hope.

First Steps

  • Please read these Guidelines and apply to host a DIY Walk by submitting the DIY Walk of Hope & DIY Fundraiser Application & Agreement
  • Once you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know your registration has been received.
  • Once your DIY Walk of Hope has been approved, you will also receive a link to your DIY Walk’s fundraising and registration portal and instructions on how to use it. In addition, a toolbox of helpful RESOLVE resources will be available for your use.
  • Recruit friends, family members, business associates, and infertility professionals from your community to join your committee.
  • Secure a location and set a date for your DIY Walk.
  • Set a goal and plan with team members how to reach fundraising goals.

DIY Walk of Hope Chair responsibilities

  • Secure a location
  • Interact with appropriate contact people at venue
  • Meet all requirements of the Walk venue (insurance, security, etc.)
  • Recruit and manage volunteers
  • Recruit attendees
  • Raise funds
  • Coach fundraisers
  • Promote your Walk
  • Plan activities/entertainment for Walk day, including DJ and MC
  • Plan and follow a budget
  • Secure in-kind donations or funding for all Walk expenses
  • Plan and execute walk day logistics

What to expect from RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association

Did you know that RESOLVE is staffed by only 6 people? We would love to host a Walk of Hope in every community, but that’s just not possible. And that is where you come in. “DIY” doesn’t mean you are completely on your own. We can provide:

  • Set up of your registration and fundraising platform using Classy software
  • Registration reports
  • A toolkit with policies and guidelines, forms and templates, fundraising ideas, social media tips, and marketing materials
  • Information about infertility professionals in your local community
  • Management of sponsor funds
  • Email to RESOLVE’s list in your area (you provide the content)
  • Answers to questions and other support as needed

Should you have questions, RESOLVE staff is here to help you through your journey as a DIY Walk Chair! Send inquiries to Cindy Hollister, chollister@resolve.org, 703-556-7177

Know That You and Your Team Members are Making a Positive Difference

Thank you for offering your time, support and passion in bringing RESOLVE’s DIY Walk of Hope to your community! Dedicated volunteers like YOU help RESOLVE to advance our mission and provide a community to the 1 in 8 people living with infertility.

The DIY Walk of Hope represents the infertility journey – a series of small steps, each one filled with hope and a reminder that no one on this journey should walk alone. By bringing a DIY Walk of Hope to your community, you are raising much-needed awareness and funds to support essential advocacy, education and awareness programs to improve the lives of those living with infertility.