DIY Walks of Hope are meant to be low cost events. But we understand that some expenses can arise, such as:

  • Venue rental
  • Venue Liability/Event Insurance
  • Venue Security

In addition, some DIY Walk committees look for ways to customize their events:

  • On-site Signage
  • T-shirts

Here are some ways to help with these expenses.

In-kind Contributions

Ask the vendor to donate their product or services. Offer them something in return, such as publicity or an on-site presence at the walk.

Sponsored Expenses

Ask local businesses or service clubs to pay specific expenses. Offer then something in return. The venue sponsors could have on-site signage, while the t-shirt sponsor could have their logo on the t-shirt.

It is important that sponsors either pay the expense directly to the vendor or that sponsors donate to RESOLVE and then RESOLVE pays the expenses. Do not accept cash or checks made out to an individual.

Individuals may pay expenses directly and be reimbursed by RESOLVE from the money paid by the sponsor. Receipts are required.


Event Sponsorship

Each event should have defined sponsorship levels and corresponding benefits. In this scenario, the sponsors donate to RESOLVE and receive benefits related to the Walk.   For example, all sponsors above a certain dollar amount are mentioned in your social media posts and/or get event day signage, regardless of what their sponsorship pays for.

If you elect to have Event Sponsorship, RESOLVE staff will track your sponsorship revenue and will reimburse expenses assuming revenue has been received to cover the expenses.  RESOLVE will send you a regular update on the status of your revenue and expenses. It is the walk chair’s responsibility to keep expenses within the limits of the sponsorship revenue that has been received. If sponsorship revenue exceeds Walk expenses, remaining proceeds will be credited to your fundraising total in Classy.

Event Sponsorship requires coordination with RESOLVE staff and has specific limitations and guidelines. Please contact Cindy Hollister,, 703.556.7177 if you plan to pursue event sponsorships.

DIY Walk Sample Sponsorship Document


RESOLVE has set aside a small amount of money to provide grants to DIY Walks. The money is only available for required items, such as park fees and venue liability insurance. Grant applicants must demonstrate that the expenses are necessary and reasonable. Preference will be given to walks that engage in a significant fundraising effort and establish a high level of planning and organization. Grants are not guaranteed. Please contact Cindy Hollister,, 703.556.7177 if you would like to apply for a grant.

DIY WOH Grant Application