Insurance Information

RESOLVE will not assume any liability associated with hosting a DIY Walk of Hope or DIY Fundraiser including but not limited to personal injury, property damage, loss, or theft.

Should the venue you select for the DIY Walk of Hope or DIY Fundraiser require a Certificate of Insurance, RESOLVE will NOT be able to provide one.

DIY Chairs have reported success acquiring insurance through their personal and business insurance agents. Several have used the following:

If you need to refer to an insurance agent, below is the company that provides insurance for RESOLVE:

20 S. King Street
Leesburg, VA 20175
Ph: 883.287.9378


If you have a sound system or DJ, put it to good use! Here are some examples of announcements you can make while your attendees are waiting for the event to start.

  • Thank you sponsors (name each sponsor on a rotating basis)
  • Encourage attendees to visit booths
  • Encourage attendees to participate in activities (“Have you gotten journey beads? Who is wearing the same colors as you are?”)
  • It’s not too late to make a donation
  • “Did you know?” use facts from mission signs,, share info about local support groups
  • Finalists for best team name
  • 2WW? BFN/BFP? DH? TTC? Visit RESOLVE’s website for a list of infertility acronyms and quiz the crowd:


Does your community have a local celebrity, such as a news personality or elected official, who has been open about their infertility journey? Invite them to attend and perhaps act as your MC.

Invite sponsors to make announcements, such as awards, top fundraisers, or to draw door prizes.

Keep your program and onstage announcements short and varied. Have a script and timeline. Have multiple people on stage (with quick transitions) to keep attention. Have visuals if possible (example, signs for award winners to carry on walk).

Walk chairs and key volunteers – you will be busy! Delegate as much of this as possible.

If you are going to take pictures, do it off stage to keep things moving.