If you have a sound system or DJ, put it to good use! Here are some examples of announcements you can make while your attendees are waiting for the event to start.

  • Thank you sponsors (name each sponsor on a rotating basis)
  • Encourage attendees to visit booths
  • Encourage attendees to participate in activities (“Have you gotten journey beads? Who is wearing the same colors as you are?”)
  • It’s not too late to make a donation
  • “Did you know?” use facts from mission signs, resolve.org, share info about local support groups
  • Finalists for best team name
  • 2WW? BFN/BFP? DH? TTC? Visit RESOLVE’s website for a list of infertility acronyms and quiz the crowd: https://resolve.org/infertility-101/infertility-faq/infertility-acronyms/