To really up your game, consider adding an additional fundraiser or 2 to your event! If you plan to handle cash at your Walk, please review the Volunteer Money Handling Guidelines.


Silent Auction/Raffle

A silent auction can be a lot of work and may require its own subcommittee. At a minimum, be prepared with volunteers to man the activity, ample space to display the items, sheets (and pens) for people to enter their bids, and a solid plan for collecting payments.  Its cousin, a raffle, is a little easier to manage, but still requires planning and careful execution.

Please note that there are very specific guidelines that MUST be followed for any item valued at $1,000 or more. Please review the Giveaway Guidelines.


You see this a lot because it’s easy, low risk, and it works. Sell tickets. Draw 1. Half the pot goes to the winning ticket holder, the other half is donated to RESOLVE.

A fun variation is “Heads or Tails.” Gather ticket holders. Have everyone place their hands either on their head or on their tail. Flip a coin. Anyone who has their hands in the same place as the coin is still in for another round. Continue until you have only one person left, who is the winner of the 50/50.

Carnival Duck Pond game or Balloon Pop

Too many items or multiples of the same item can really bog down a raffle or silent auction. Use your lower cost items or multiples for this activity. Mark rubber duckies with a symbol that signifies a winner and place them in a “pond.” Sell chances to pick a rubber duckie to win.

Put notes in balloons that indicate winners and sell chances to pop the balloon and redeem a prize. Supplement with candy for consolation prizes.

Post event restaurant night

Many national chain restaurants and some local restaurants will donate a portion of proceeds during a given date and time to charity. Some require attendees to use a coupon. Find a restaurant and pick a date and promote it at the Walk. Distribute coupons at the walk if required. Promote in your post event communications and encourage anyone who was unable to attend the walk to also join you for dinner.

Other Revenue Enhancers

Here is a link to a great list of on-site revenue enhancers.