Create fun or silly awards for participants. Examples include Best Dressed Fur Baby, Funniest Team Name, Most Creative T-shirt. Rather than spending money on prizes, give the winner a sign to carry during the walk.

Sign ideas


Journey Beads

This has been one of the most popular items at the national Walks. Purchase mardi gras beads in a variety of colors. (Find a sponsor to cover the expense in exchange for the opportunity to have a sign on the table with the beads.) Assign each color to represent a step in the journey. Encourage attendees to wear as many beads as fit their circumstance.

Some popular examples are:

  • I/We are battling infertility
  • Unexplained and undeterred!
  • Our dreams came true! We had success after infertility
  • I/We have experienced pregnancy loss
  • We are pursuing adoption or have adopted
  • I/We are living child-free
  • I am supporting a friend or family member who is struggling with infertility
  • I am a volunteer
  • I am a professional working in the field of infertility


Warm up

Ask a local fitness teacher to lead a fun warm-up before the walk.

Treasure Hunt/Passport

If you have sponsors or some kind of representation from businesses at your Walk, create a card or passport with each business’ name and/or logo. Hand them out at check-in and encourage walkers to visit each business and get their card stamped. Give a small reward (candy?) to anyone who returns a completed card. Perhaps hold a drawing for an additional prize.

Here’s an inexpensive perforated postcard from Amazon.

Here are about a zillion little circle labels to make stickers.

Here’s an art file for the labels: DIY Treasure Hunt Labels

Mission Signs

Set signs along the walk course with inspiring or informative messages. Find a sponsor to cover the production cost in exchange for having their logo on each sign.

Pick a few of your favorites:

  1. No one with infertility should walk alone.
  2. Infertility does not discriminate by race, economic status, gender or sexual orientation.
  3. Infertility doesn’t care what your insurance covers.
  4. Infertility doesn’t care how much money you make.
  5. Infertility doesn’t care about the color of your skin.
  6. Stress does not cause infertility, but infertility most definitely causes stress.
  7. The #1 barrier to medical treatment for infertility is cost.
  8. Start with hope, finish with RESOLVE.
  9. 1/3 of infertility is attributed to both partners or is unexplained.
  10. 90% of RESOLVE’s programs and services are hosted by volunteers.
  11. The first RESOLVE support group was held at a kitchen table in 1974.
  12. 1 in 8 couples in the U.S. have trouble getting or staying pregnant.
  13. Your donations have a direct impact on RESOLVE’s programs.
  14. RESOLVE believes everyone diagnosed with infertility deserves access to support programs.
  15. RESOLVE advocates for increased access to ALL family building options.
  16. Thank you Walkers!
  17. RESOLVE founded National Infertility Awareness Week® (NIAW) in 1989.
  18. National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) is the only federally recognized health observance for infertility.
  19. 200+ people attend RESOLVE’s Advocacy Day every year to educate our Congress about infertility.
  20. By walking today you are helping to spread infertility awareness.
  21. RESOLVE support groups serve an average of 2,600 people every month.
  22. 900+ RESOLVE volunteers helped provide education, support, and advocacy through RESOLVE’s programs last year.
  23. RESOLVE is the only patient advocacy group in the U.S. that fights for the rights of women and men who are infertile.
  24. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes infertility as a disease.
  25. RESOLVE makes it easy for anyone to be an advocate for the infertility community.
  26. Thank you RESOLVE support groups!
  27. Once you choose hope, anything is possible.
  28. Infertility is a disease.
  29. You’ll never know how badly you want something until you are told that it may not be possible.
  30. You don’t know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

Mission signs

Children’s area

Every Walk of Hope is a family-friendly activity and people who now have children love to give back through this event. There will be children and they will want things to do. Be considerate when locating children’s activities, knowing that there are also people still on their journeys and that emotions can run high.

Find a volunteer face painter or ask a business to host one in their booth.

Contact a local craft store to see if they will set up a station.

Selfie Station

Create a backdrop and find some silly props. Create a hashtag so people can share.

Trivia contest or Infertility acronyms contest

2WW? BFN/BFP? DH? TTC? Visit RESOLVE’s website for a list and pick the spicy one’s to make it fun. Throw in some social media acronyms like LOL and OMG to mix things up. Create a station with cards that walkers can fill out, or have your MC ask from the stage and have the answers shouted out for all to hear.

Tailgate Games

Consider creating a spot for adults who might want to avoid the Children’s area. Cornhole is all the rage now, but ask your volunteers what they have in their garages for a free way to come up with a few activities.

Door Prizes/Drawings

Raffles and silent auctions are a great way to add to your fundraising total, but can be lot of work, take a lot planning, multiple volunteers, and require you to handle cash at your Walk. If you are not ready to take that step, but find yourself with some donated items, consider using them for door prizes.

Messages of Hope

Leave a Message/Take a Message. Create a station where walkers can write a message of hope to another walker before the Walk and drop it into a mailbox. After the Walk, distribute the messages.

An even easier way is to simply have a Banner of Hope that people can sign and leave messages. Date it and bring it back next year to display.