Exploring Paths of Hope: 36th Annual Infertility, Adoption, & Family Building Summit

Date TBD
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10/26/2021 Update

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s Summit. We know this event brings hundreds of people together to learn, make connections, and gain support. For those of you who planned to attend, we urge you to find support through RESOLVE’s virtual support groups and to find information and resources on this site.

Our current co-chairs (Lisa Houts and Julie Berman) will be stepping down after 15-20 years of service.  For this event to take shape in the future, we will need new leadership.

The new leader(s) of the Summit will:

  • Be responsible for all aspects of the Summit
  • Organize and work with a team of volunteers
  • Work with RESOLVE staff to determine what the Summit will be going forward (e.g., Should it be virtual? In-person? Both? National? Local? Etc.)
  • Receive support and mentoring from Lisa and Julie

If you are interested in this fantastic opportunity to really make a difference in the lives of those struggling to build families, please send an email to Julie Berman at resolvejulie@gmail.com by November 23, 2021. If we don’t have volunteers to take over the event, it will not happen.

We hope you are well and safe and taking care of yourself during this difficult time.

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Midwest Family Building Summit


If you have ever heard about our annual Summit, you know what a great day it is for people going through infertility and/or thinking about adoption. We need your help to make this day a reality!

Wondering how you can help? We have opportunities in marketing, sales, speaker recruiting, logistics and more. You can choose the activity to you like (making phone calls, posting on social media, running errands, posting signs, graphic design, planning new ideas) and the time of day you have available (days, evenings, weekends).

Even if you only have a few hours to spare, your help is critical. Have more time to give? Many leadership positions (with training) are open.

Many volunteers are undergoing fertility treatments or in the midst of the adoption process; others have built their families or ended their family-building journey and want to give back. ALL are welcome.

We would also love your help volunteering on the day of the Summit and/or with set up the night before the event. We have many different types of positions available. Contact resolvejulie@gmail.com to learn more. Please join us!

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