Exploring Paths of Hope: 33rd Annual Infertility & Adoption Family Building Conference

Saturday, November 18, 2017
7:45AM – 5:15PM
Bloomington, MN

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Midwest Family Building Summit

Free Giveaways!

Current giveaway list as of November 14, 2017:

  • IVF Cycle donated by: Reproductive Medicine and Infertility Associates – Value $10,000+
  • Free Third Party Reproduction Legal Services donated by: Steven H. Snyder and Associates – Value $3,500
  • The Timberwolves Suite donated by: MN Timberwolves – Value $3,500
  • Gift Certificate for Adoption Consulting donated by: RG Adoption Consulting – Value $850
  • Consultation/Application Fee waived donated by: Hope Surrogacy – Value $500
  • Discount on Full Surrogacy Services donated by: Heartland Surrogacy – Value $500
  • One Month Fertility & Adoption Coaching donated by: Possibilities – Lives Transformed, LLC – Value $500
  • One Month Fertility & Adoption Coaching donated by: Possibilities – Lives Transformed, LLC – Value $500
  • Free Application Fee to Program donated by: The Surrogacy Center – Value $350
  • Five – Fifty Minute coaching session package donated by: My Fertility Coach – Value $300
  • Full Support Package donated by: The Adoption Consultancy – Value $300
  • Gift Certificate donated by: Wood House Spa – Value $295
  • Initial Visit Package donated by: Fertile Ground Women’s Health and Fertility Center – Value $290
  • Free Education Classes donated by: Children’s Home Society & Lutheran Social Service of MN – Value $250
  • Date Night for Two donated by: Fired Up Studios – Value $150
  • Initial Acupuncture Visit donated by: Selby Acupuncture – Value $130
  • Gift Basket donated by: pkv print – Value $125
  • Autographed MN Twins Byron Buxton Baseball donated by: MN Twins – Value $100
  • Gift Bag donated by: Home Depot – Value $100
  • Massage Envy Gift Certificate donated by: Hope Surrogacy – Value $100
  • Foursome of Golf donated by: The Refuge Golf Course – Value $92
  • Four tickets for comedy show donated by: House of Comedy – Value $92
  • Two fun passes donated by: Wild Mountain – Value $86
  • 60 minute Shiatsu Massage donated by: Selby Acupuncture – Value: $70
  • Gift card for two donated by: Brave New Workshop – Value $68
  • Gift certificate donated by: Taste twin cities – Value: $50
  • Joke Joint Event Pass for 2 (5 Available) donated by: Joke Joint – Value: $42/ea.
  • Gift certificate and  2 beer glasses donated by: Applebee’s – Value: $40
  • Gift basket donated by: Chili’s Grill & Bar – Value: $40
  • Gift Card donated by: Yum! – Value: $25
  • Gift Card donated by: Clives Road House – Value: $25
  • Gift Card donated by: Lets Dish – Value: $25
  • Gift Card donated by: Edible arrangements  – Value $25
  • Gift Card donated by: Edible arrangements  – Value $25
  • Gift Card donated by: Applebees – Value $25
  • Gift Card donated by: Wuollet Bakery – Value $25
  • Gift Card donated by: Wild Bills – Value $25
  • Novelty bottle donated by: Granite City – Value $10

Each Main Registrant will be eligible to enter the Giveaway. Additional Guests are not eligible for giveaways. Must be present to win. Thank you to our generous sponsors.


  1. Midwest Family Building Summit LogoEach Full Day Main Registrant will receive 1 Blue ticket (for larger valued items) and 1 Red ticket (for smaller valued items).
  2. Partial Day attendees do not qualify for the Giveaway.
  3. Additional tickets cannot be purchased.
  4. ‘Additional Guests’ of attendees do not qualify for the Giveaway.
  5. RESOLVE volunteers will only be able to participate in Giveaway with a Full Day registration.
  6. The Giveaway Table is located in the exhibitor area.
  7. Each prize has its own rules. Please read these rules carefully before you decide which boxes to choose so you know what the prize is and any eligibility requirements. We can’t move any tickets from one prize box to another once you’ve put your ticket in.
  8. Each household can only win 1 prize. Although a household could have two Main Registrants, there can only be one winner per household. During the prize drawing, if more than one of your household’s tickets is drawn as a winner, you may choose one prize from the ones drawn. The prize you don’t choose will go back into the pool and will be re-drawn. We want as many families as possible to be winners!
  9. Tickets are taken up to 1:30pm. No exceptions.
  10. Red ticket winners will be posted by 3:00pm and prizes can be claimed at the Giveaway Table.
  11. Blue ticket Giveaway items will be drawn live during the closing remarks at 4:45pm.
  12. We will also draw a runner up for some Blue ticket Giveaway items if for some reason the winner is unable to claim/fulfill that item.
  13. You must be present to win, unless you have prior approval (see bullet #14).
  14. If for some reason you are unable to be present for the Giveaway, you can choose to have a representative there for you. You must contact Lisa Houts at 952.270.3645 to notify us and request a ‘Giveaway Representative’ form. This form must be filled out and approved by the RESOLVE Summit Committee. Each full day Main Registrant must designate only 1 representative, no exceptions. Representative must be over 18 years of age.
  15. If you won a Red ticket item, claimed the prize, and your name was drawn again with a Blue ticket item and you were NOT present to choose between the 2 Giveaway items – you would be disqualified from winning the Blue ticket item. We would then re-pick a Blue ticket winner.
  16. Prizes and tickets are non-transferable, no exceptions.
  17. If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Houts at 952.270.3645 or during the Summit, please ask a representative at the Giveaway table or at the Help Desk.

If you are interested in donating an item to our Giveaway, download our partnership packet or email Lisa at resolveLisa@gmail.com.