Exploring Paths of Hope: 36th Annual Infertility & Adoption Family Building Conference

Date TBD
Location TBD

Is the 2021 Summit taking place?

10/26/2021 Update

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s Summit. We know this event brings hundreds of people together to learn, make connections, and gain support. For those of you who planned to attend, we urge you to find support through RESOLVE’s virtual support groups and to find information and resources on this site.

Our current co-chairs (Lisa Houts and Julie Berman) will be stepping down after 15-20 years of service.  For this event to take shape in the future, we will need new leadership.

The new leader(s) of the Summit will:

  • Be responsible for all aspects of the Summit
  • Organize and work with a team of volunteers
  • Work with RESOLVE staff to determine what the Summit will be going forward (e.g., Should it be virtual? In-person? Both? National? Local? Etc.)
  • Receive support and mentoring from Lisa and Julie

If you are interested in this fantastic opportunity to really make a difference in the lives of those struggling to build families, please send an email to Julie Berman at resolvejulie@gmail.com by November 23, 2021. If we don’t have volunteers to take over the event, it will not happen.

We hope you are well and safe and taking care of yourself during this difficult time.

Information below is from our 2019 Summit

Who should attend this event?

The Summit, designed to address the medical and emotional issues associated with infertility and adoption, is open to everyone in all the various stages of their family building journey. Attendees, volunteers, speakers and exhibitors may include individuals at any stage of their journey, from recently diagnosed, in treatment, in the process of adopting, expecting, experiencing Secondary Infertility to resolved via medical treatment, adoption, or living childfree. We welcome anyone looking for support and information while trying to build their family. That includes individuals and couples, heterosexual and same-sex.

Please no children. Childcare is not available at this event.

Why should I attend the Summit?

Midwest Family Building Summit LogoRESOLVE brings you all of the tools and resources you could possibly think of during this one-day event. There are inspiring speakers, expert advice from reproductive endocrinologists, and resources to learn more about new treatments, adoption, complementary therapies, third-party reproduction, and living childless not by choice. You will have an opportunity to talk directly to physicians and specialists and also to network with others who have experienced infertility. There are free giveaways for infertility and adoption services including up to $10,000 in IVF services.

If I have a spouse/partner, should he/she also attend the Summit?

Yes! We highly recommend that you bring your spouse/partner. When you are able to experience the day together, it is powerful and inspiring. In addition, the two of you can choose to split up during breakout sessions to maximize your learning.

If it’s not possible for your partner to attend the event with you, we recommend that you bring a supporter like your parent or close friend. It’s really nice to have someone there with you to talk to about the experience and all that you are learning.

If I am single, can I bring a friend/supporter to the Summit?

Yes! We recommend that you bring a supporter like a parent or close friend. It is really nice to have someone there with you to talk about the experience and all that you are learning.

What will I learn at the Summit?

You will have an opportunity to totally customize your learning experience by choosing from a variety of concurrent sessions on a wide range of topics with unique presenters.

Is it really worth devoting an entire Saturday to this event? Life is so busy!

YES! The Summit is an enriching experience. It helps you feel part of a community of others experiencing infertility. It is the one place and time each year that experts from all aspects of family building come together to share their knowledge. In addition, the Summit offers some nice perks in the form of free giveaways for infertility and adoption services. It might even open your heart to an angle you hadn’t thought of before. This Summit only happens once per year, and it’s the biggest Summit in the Midwest. Trust us, it’s worth every second.

At a time when no one seemed to understand, RESOLVE volunteers took the time to listen, validate, affirm, and could relate. They were kind and didn’t tell us to “just relax!” I remember them saying, “I think you will be amazed to see how many people are in your shoes if you come to the Summit.” And they were right. I was not alone. That was the most powerful part of the Summit. The resources and prizes are great, but the community and support and knowing I wasn’t indeed the island of suffering that I felt like. I needed to be there that day to truly believe it. Part of me was afraid to “out” myself and us at the Summit, but it was the best thing we ever did. It helped me find the RESOLVE support group, find the fertility therapist and acupuncturist I have seen for years now, all of those things I’m certain played a huge role in us finally being able to choose a path to have a child using donor, although it was the never the path we had wanted. With just under 8 weeks to go it still feels like a dream.

I was having a crappy Friday before and was deciding if I should go and am glad I did, it really helped to know that I am not alone.

I thought the Summit was a great place to feel connected with others going through the same thing. The speakers were great, I enjoyed the panels of folks at the sessions I went to. And having all the vendors in one spot was very beneficial. Great Summit, I feel much better about my choices and have tons of resources to pull from as I walk this journey. Thank you! Nice Job!

How do I know if the Summit is right for me?

If you have been trying to conceive with your first or another child for more than six months, then this Summit is for you. If you are considering adoption, please join us. If you know you will need medical treatments and/or adoption services to build your family, the day is incredibly valuable. The Summit is also for those who want to be inspired, learn more, and feel like part of a community. If you are considering ending your quest to parenthood and living child-free, you will find information and support to help you make decisions.

Do I really need to arrive before 8:45? I could sleep a little later if I skipped the Welcoming Words and Keynote Speaker.

We love sleep, too, but we strongly encourage you to arrive before 8:45 a.m. so you can get registered and attend the opening remarks. We will go over key points and logistics for the day including detailed information about the Giveaway. Past attendees have told us they recommend everyone attend.

What if I can’t afford the registration fee?

We understand that fertility treatments and adoption can be expensive. There are several scholarship opportunities available for those who need financial help. Please do not let the registration fee stop you from attending this truly once-in-a-lifetime event.

What about the FREE giveaways?

Each Main Registrant will automatically receive tickets for the Giveaway. You must be present to win. See giveaway rules for details.

What does the Main Registrant ticket include?

Each Main Registrant ticket includes breakfast, lunch, breakout sessions, entrance to exhibition area and a chance to win one of many infertility and adoption-related prizes.

What does the Additional Guest ticket include?

Each Additional Guest ticket includes breakfast, lunch, breakout sessions, and entrance to exhibition area.

Can my spouse/partner and I both buy “Main Registrant” tickets for more giveaway chances?

Technically, yes, however you will still be subject to the Giveaway rule that each household can only win one prize. During the Giveaway drawing, if more than one of your household’s tickets is drawn a winner, you may choose one prize. The prize you don’t choose will go back into the pool and will be re-drawn. We want as many families as possible to be winners! See Giveaway Rules.

What is the dress code? What should I bring?

Completely casual. Be comfortable!

Be green—bring a refillable water bottle.

What is included in the registration fee?

Breakfast, lunch, breakout sessions, and entrance to exhibits. Main Registrants also get a chance to win one of the many infertility and adoption services at the Giveaway.

Do I need to sign up for the breakout sessions ahead of time?

No. You can attend any session of your choosing and there is no requirement to sign up ahead of time. View the schedule. After you register, you may receive a survey to indicate which sessions you plan to attend. You aren’t committed to those choices; we use them for room planning only. You can change your plans at any time during the day.

What if I have dietary restrictions?

Please fill out the dietary restrictions form.

I am unsure if I will have another commitment that day. When does registration close? Can I obtain a refund if I register but am no longer able to attend?

We recommend registering now before we sell out. We offer a 100% refund if you let us know by Thursday, November 7, 2019. Please contact resolvejulie@gmail.com if you wish to receive a refund.