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Listed below in chronological order are upcoming events of interest to the infertility community, hosted and sponsored by various professional members of RESOLVE. Please note that RESOLVE does not receive any portion of fees that may be required to attend the events listed below, nor does RESOLVE have any input regarding the events themselves. Questions regarding these events should be addressed to the office hosting the event.

RESOLVE is committed to providing the most current, accurate and unbiased information available to our members, and as such, is not responsible for the content, speakers or exhibitors present. Inclusion on the list below does not imply endorsement by RESOLVE of any person or entity. RESOLVE encourages all its members to be educated consumers, and to thoroughly investigate all information provided prior to making decision.

January 28, 2019. 6:00PM CST. How To: Yoga for Fertility Home Practice.

Can’t get to the yoga studio? No yoga for fertility classes near you? No problem. Yoga for Fertility creator Beth Heller will share the secrets of what makes a yoga practice “fertility friendly” and how you can get great results with yoga at home. We will talk about the physical and energetic impact of different yoga postures, specific breathing techniques to support different phases of the fertility process and lots of other fun tips. Registrants will receive FREE access to a Pulling Down the Moon streaming video Yoga for Fertility practice! Learn more here:

January 30, 2019. 7:00PM-8:15PM EST. Managing the Ups and Downs of Fertility Treatment.

Join Dr. Catherine Monk, Professor of Medical Psychology in Psychiatry and Obstetrics and Gynecology at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, for a support session designed to help patients manage their mental health and well-being while undergoing infertility treatments, including in vitro fertilization (IVF). Partners and family are welcome. Catherine Monk holds a joint appointment as a Professor of Medical Psychology in the Departments of Psychiatry, and Obstetrics & Gynecology. Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of her research, she is affiliated with two divisions in Psychiatry: Behavioral Medicine and Developmental Neuroscience. She is Director for Research at the Women’s Program and CoDirector of the Domestic Violence Initiative. After completing her NIH postdoctoral fellowship in the Psychobiological Sciences at Columbia in 2000, Dr. Monk joined the faculty and established the Perinatal Pathways Laboratory. She also maintains a clinical practice primarily focused on treating women during the perinatal period. Location: Columbia University Fertility Center, 5 Columbus Circle, 12, New York, NY 10019 Learn more here:

February 26, 2019. 6:00PM CST. Rest, Recover, and Rebuild.

A failed or cancelled cycle can be overwhelming. We have the answers to your questions to cope with the disappointment and will provide tools for the next steps. Your holistic health experts for the evening are the creator of The FEM Massage Protocol™, Meredith Nathan, Senior Fertility Acupuncturist, Anna Pyne, and Yoga for Fertility co-creator, Tami Quinn. This evening will include 20 minutes of our best advice and lots of time for your questions as your holistic guide to trying again! Learn more here:

March 12, 2019. 6:00PM CST. Fertility Fitness & Nutrition Make-Over Webinar.

Eggs, ovaries, uterus, sperm…they can all use a little love!  In this webinar, Pulling Down the Moon co-founder Beth Heller and Registered Dietitian Elizabeth DeAvilla will provide easy, high-impact “make-over” strategies for your gametes in the fertility game. Whether you want to relieve anxiety with yoga, tone up with fertility-friendly fitness, eliminate the inflammation that can negatively impact the internal fertility environment or help your partner train “Olympic swimmers…”  this event is for you! Learn more here:

Get your body ready to conceive with a 14-day Fertility Cleanse.

The Fertility Godmother’s 14-day online Fertility Cleanse Group Program will prepare your body to get pregnant in 2019, even if you’ve been told that you experience health challenges that reduce your fertility. What you eat has a HUGE influence on your ability to get pregnant and stay pregnant. Nutrition affects:

  • Egg quality
  • Sperm quality
  • Hormones
  • Time to conceive
  • Having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby

This gentle, guided online program starts January 12, 2019. You can sign up on your own or with your partner. You’ll be coached by THREE FERTILITY EXPERTS, including:

  • Denise Noyer-Erez, L.Ac., FABORM, The Fertility Godmother – a primary care physician in California and a certified FABORM
  • Sara Rector, MFT – Fertility Psychologist
  • Wendy Obstler, C-IAYT, RYT500 – Fertility Yoga Instructor

Through a helpful series of emails and live Facebook sessions, you’ll get tips, tricks, checklists, educational videos, and a cleanse schedule. You’ll be guided through a 1-week preparation and 1-week detoxification program that will help you get pregnant and have a healthy baby. This program will also connect you to a Facebook community of others who are on the same journey. If you’re ready to do what it takes to dramatically increase your chances of getting pregnant, visit to sign-up for this 14-day Fertility Cleanse Group Program!

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