RESOLVE is proud to honor the following people and companies who have performed outstanding work for the infertility community. These awards will be presented at Night of Hope on November 15, 2021.


Barbara Eck Founders Award - Jim Knowles

Jim KnowlesJim Knowles has spent his entire professional career involved with the fertility community. Jim started as a sales representative at Organon in 1996. From there he went on to co-found DesignRx and Embryo Options, and is currently involved with a new venture, ReuniteRx. These companies all had close relationships with the fertility patient. It was through these relationships that Jim developed a strong commitment to the patient community and why he chose RESOLVE as his vehicle to give back. Jim was an active member of the RESOLVE Board of Directors from 2012 to 2020 and served as Vice Chair for seven years. Jim resides in Round Hill, VA with his fiancé Autumn Echols, and his two teenage boys.

Risa A. Levine Advocacy Legacy Award - Dr. Chris Herndon

Chris HerndonDr. Herndon is Assistant Professor and Medical Director in the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at the University of Washington. Dr. Herndon earned his M.D. degree with honors at Yale University and completed residency training at Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital at Harvard University. He underwent fellowship training at UCSF. He is board-certified in reproductive endocrinology and infertility.

Recognized as an early leader in the movement to expand access to infertility care, Dr. Herndon has been involved in local, state, and national initiatives for over a decade. He has founded and led clinical programs to provide access to care for underserved and less affluent communities. He has published extensively on disparities and barriers in access to infertility care. Dr. Herndon served as Chair of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Access to Care Special Interest Group in its inaugural year.

Dr. Herndon is currently leading a statewide coalition by RESOLVE to advance for the first time a legislative bill in Washington state for mandated insurance coverage for infertility and fertility preservation for cancer patients.

Honor Chris Herndon 

Hope Award for Access - The Boston Beer Company

Boston Beer CompanyJim Koch started The Boston Beer Company in 1984 as a place where he would want to work. He believed that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Leveraging a generations-old family recipe uncovered in his father’s attic, Samuel Adams Boston Lager would soon become the catalyst of the American Craft beer revolution. In addition to Samuel Adams beers, the Boston Beer family of brands include Dogfish Head craft beers, Truly Hard Seltzer, Twisted Tea and Angry Orchard hard cider. The Boston Beer Company have grown to be one of America’s leading craft brewers in both beer and beyond beer.

They are always looking to innovate in everything they do from the new products we deliver to their drinkers to the rewards and benefits they provide coworkers, keeping pace with the evolving needs of a diverse coworker base.

Honor The Boston Beer Company

Hope Award for Achievement - Infertilidad Latina

Infertilidad LatinaInfertlidad Latina is composed of three Latinx Women who have gone through infertility and losses. They consider themselves IVF Warriors and veterans and are passionate advocates for infertility and reproductive rights. Audrey Quiñones and Jasmine Higgins are both born in Puerto Rico and currently live in Atlanta, Georgia. Blanca Tellez is from Mexico and lives in San Antonio, Texas. Together, the three started Infertilidad Latina, a Spanglish Podcast and community in the Fall of 2020, in the midst of the pandemic.

Each of these three women have experienced very different family building journeys. Audrey has gone through several rounds of IVF and has repeated pregnancy losses. She is now focused on re-claiming her pre-infertility life and researching Donor Egg IVF and Surrogacy abroad. Jasmine and her wife are part of the LGBTQ+ community and went through several rounds of reciprocal IVF without success, however, today they are proud Mamas to a beautiful baby boy via infant domestic adoption. After several failed frozen transfers, and losses, Blanca decided to take a long pause, and focus on her mental health, reclaim her life outside of infertility, and she is now back and starting her IVF journey. Together, they hope that by sharing their journeys and inviting other Latinx and Hispanic people to share theirs, they can break the taboos and the stigma of infertility and loss in the Latinx community. Their main goal is for everyone going through to know that they are not alone. “No estás sola, No estás solo.”

Honor Infertilidad Latina

Hope Award for Service - E-Beth Marshall

E-Beth MarshallElizabeth (E-Beth) Marshall is an accountant who lives in Phoenix, AZ with her husband, niece, nephew and three dogs. E-Beth has integrated her business acumen and her firsthand experience with infertility as a grassroots advocate for community awareness and legislative change benefitting individuals and couples facing infertility.

E-Beth and her husband have been married for 13 years. Infertility has become a dominant focus of their lives during the past five years. She and her husband believed they were the 1 in 4 that miscarried and would go on to have a normal and healthy pregnancy. Instead, they have become the 1 in 8 affected by infertility. They have suffered multiple miscarriages.

The tests and trials of infertility have strengthened E-Beth’s resolve to become actively involved in the infertility community. For the past four years, she has been working with the Arizona Legislature to introduce a bill mandating private insurance coverage for infertility treatment and fertility preservation. For the last 2 years E-Beth has joined RESOLVE for national advocacy day. Additionally, E-Beth hosts a RESOLVE support group focusing on support and education for others experiencing infertility. In 2019, she co-chaired the first annual DIY Arizona Walk of Hope to benefit RESOLVE and raise community awareness about infertility.

Honor E-Beth Marshall

Hope Award for Service - Linda Strano Burton, PhD

Linda Strano BurtonDr. Linda Strano Burton has been an Independent Fertility and Family Coach in San Antonio since 2015 and recently has joined the mental health field as a licensed mental health therapist.

Her personal life struggle with infertility was a primary catalyst in her personal and professional life. While going through years of fertility treatments, Linda also pursued her graduate studies. She received her PhD in Human Development and Family Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin in 2015, completing her dissertation study on The Infertility Treatment Experience. Dr. Strano Burton recently earned her second master degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling providing her a unique opportunity to serve the infertility community in a more holistic and compassionate way.

Dr. Strano Burton is an active volunteer for RESOLVE dedicating countless hours of volunteer work to the fertility community. Linda has touched every aspect of RESOLVE’s support and awareness work. Between hosting free support programs for her local community, and nationally through RESOLVE’s virtual support groups, as well as hosting some of the most nationally successful Walks of Hope in San Antonio, Texas, Linda understands the power of community. She also serves as a founding member of the RESOLVE Inclusion Council Committee. Linda’s personal and professional expertise, coupled with her tireless commitment to the RESOLVE family is notable and her spirit is contagious.

Honor Linda Strano Burton