Why do we need family building professionals to attend Advocacy Day?

It is important for Members of Congress to hear from healthcare and other professionals that serve the infertility patient community because:

  • You bring a business perspective to the conversation.
  • You bring the stories of hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of patients and customers, lending the voice of experience and expertise.
  • You lend the voice of experience and expertise on behalf of hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of patients, clients, and customers. Your presence at Advocacy Day demonstrates your support for your patients and clients and reinforces that the entire infertility community is coming together on Advocacy Day.

Make room in your schedule for this important virtual event and join RESOLVE and ASRM staff and hundreds of patient advocates and other experts like you. Once you register, we will make your Congressional appointments for you and provide you with the information and training you need for a successful day.

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I am an RE and this is why I participate in Advocacy Day

Joe Davis ImageI see patients every day that have a strong wish to build their family but can’t. This may be due to not having insurance or having insurance that doesn’t cover them because of their sexual orientation or marital status. Or sometimes they just don’t have the information they need to make an informed decision about their options.

Advocacy Day is about taking the conversation to the next level.  Informing our leaders about what can and needs to be done. The right to build a family is a human right and we need to protect and promote it as a nation. But policy starts with understanding of the issues. As family building professionals and providers of fertility care, we have the knowledge to educate and advocate. This day is the best chance to have a focused professional voice to make real change.

For the past 3 years, I wanted to participate in Advocacy Day, but something always got in the way. Too many commitments booked out for weeks with patients or surgery, or just neglected to register until it was too late. These are excuses we can make but when you see patients struggling day to day and they ask why doesn’t someone do something?

You know it’s time to act. This is that time. We can make the difference in so many people’s lives.

Today, I appeal to you to spread the word about Advocacy Day with your professional peers and your patient community. Let them know you have committed to attending Advocacy Day and why they should be there too.

Ask your fellow family building professionals to make the commitment to attend Advocacy Day today and let’s change the conversation about infertility on Capitol Hill.

-Joseph B. Davis D.O. FACOG

About Joseph B. Davis D.O. FACOG:

Dr. Davis is a board-certified Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility Specialist with a passion for helping couples and individuals to achieve their goals of building a family.  Dr.Davis is a volunteer on the 2018 Advocacy Day Planning Committee. He is on the RESOLVE Physicians Council and is deeply committed to RESOLVE’s mission.

Here’s how you can lend your voice at Advocacy Day

Here’s how you can lend your voice at Advocacy Day:

  • Send a staff person to represent your clinic/business.
  • Tell your patient database (current and former patients) about Advocacy Day and how they can attend. Invite them to join you at Advocacy Day.
  • Email everyone who receives your e-newsletter about the legislation we are advocating for and why you support it.
  • Do you have a Facebook page or use Twitter? Use it to share the news about Advocacy Day.

Media Kit

Download everything you need here:

  • Advocacy Day Logo: Put the Advocacy Day logo on your website, emails and Facebook page and link it to resolve.org/advocacyday. Download the html code here.
  • Advocacy Day Informational One Pager: Download the flyer and share with your clinic/office staff. Everyone should be knowledgeable about this great event impacting the entire community.
  • Outreach Toolkit: Utilize RESOLVE’s brand-new communications toolkit to recruit within your network for Advocacy Day through your social media platforms. Sample messaging and graphics are provided. (to come)
  • Advocacy Day Letter: Educate lawmakers and help amplify our message by submitting a template letter through our Action Alert system. Personalization is available and your letter will be sent directly to your lawmaker’s offices. (to come)