You have a story to tell. Let it be told. The most impactful advocacy tool you have is your story. By sharing your personal story with a policy “ask,” it helps elected officials understand the depth and reality of the struggles that come with building a family; not only that, it also helps them understand how their decisions affect people’s lives directly.

During Advocacy Day, you will have the opportunity to share your family building story. Whether you are currently on your family building journey, resolved, a healthcare professional, or are advocating in support of friends and family, what you have to say matters and helps your representatives understand why access to care is important. Unsure how to start crafting your story? View the selection of advocate stories below to learn from new and experienced advocates.

If you are interested in submitting a video of your story, please email for more information and guidelines.

IVF, Cost, and Insurance Stories

Yarona Boster

Kimberly Kim

Brooke Kingston

Mollie Walker

Fertility Preservation and Cancer Stories

Joyce Reinecke

Laura Carrasquillo

Military Families

Julie Eshelman

Cat Vandament

Healthcare and Infertility Professionals

Dr. Mark Trolice

Lori Metz, LCSW, CCM, BC-TMH

Christiana Greene

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Stories

Sasha Ottey

Jessica Audette


Juliann Whirry