Q. What does a virtual advocacy event entail?

A virtual 2020 RESOLVE Federal Advocacy Day is an interactive online event that brings together RESOLVE volunteers and champions. This will be an engaging event held entirely online rather than at a physical location.

What will a virtual conference look like?

  • Interactive training sessions prior to the virtual advocacy day, including exciting, high level speakers, and advocacy skill workshops.
  • Coordinated advocacy, with support to meet virtually with members of Congress and staff the day of Federal Advocacy Day.

Q. Are children allowed at Advocacy Day?

A. Showing Members of Congress families created by infertility medical treatment or adoption is incredibly powerful. Many advocacy groups from other causes and diseases encourage children to participate in their Advocacy Day if the cause impacts children. While we believe our issues are the most “family-friendly” issues facing Congress, we must respect the feelings of others who are still on their infertility journey. We therefore encourage Advocacy Day participants to bring children who are 12 years of age and older. We believe this is a great opportunity to empower a younger generation of the infertility community to stand up for the rights of their families. If you have questions about bringing children 12 and older, please email info@resolve.org.

Q. What should I wear?

A. We encourage our participants to wear business attire. This does not mean men must wear suits and ties or women must wear business suits, but please avoid jeans, shorts, t-shirts and other casual attire.

Q. Is this a partisan event, meaning, will I have to tell people if I am a Democrat or a Republican?

A. No, this is not a partisan event. This event will educate and raise awareness to the elected officials in your state. Even if you did not personally vote for them, they must hear from you!

Q. I would love to come but can’t commit 100% until a week or so before…should I still register?

A. NO do not register, as we will make appointments for you and it does not look good when we have to cancel or worse yet, no show for the appointment. If you want to register last minute, it is very easy for us to add you to existing appointments and have you stop in to your representative’s office with the materials.

Q. I am not comfortable public speaking; what will be required of me?

A. Your virtual appointments will either be with just one legislative staff person, making the one-on-one more comfortable or you can choose to be part of a larger group. The group will ask for one person to be the lead speaker.

Q. Are family building professionals allowed to come – such as doctors, mental health professionals, attorneys, etc?

A. We encourage anyone who wants the infertility community to receive greater access to care and who cares about the infertility community to join us on Advocacy Day. Please tell us if you are a family building professional when you register – answer the appropriate questions on the registration form so we know where you work and what you do.

Q. My infertility is resolved and I had insurance coverage for medical treatment…will it still be helpful for me to attend?

A. Yes! In fact hearing stories of success with insurance coverage is key a great argument for the need for greater access to care.

Q. Do I make my appointments with my representatives?

A. No. RESOLVE will schedule your appointments for you and provide you with a schedule on Advocacy Day. However, if you have a personal connection to your Member of Congress or a member of their staff, please let us know through the registration process.

Q. How do I find out who my representatives are?

Click here to find your U.S. representatives.

Q. We built our family through adoption and never tried medical treatment. Should I still come?

A. Yes, your personal stories still matter and still make an impact

Q. I don’t have infertility but have friends or family who do; should I come?

A. Yes! The more people on Advocacy Day, the louder our voice.