Become an Advocate ImageBecome an infertility advocate to improve access to care and help remove barriers that stand in the way of millions being able to build a family. Join the RESOLVE Advocacy Network (RAN) and take action to help all people challenged in their family building journey get the access to care they need to reach their resolution. By joining together, we amplify our voices and multiply our power to make a difference. Join us today, email

Become an Infertility Advocate Right Now

RESOLVE has identified where there is legislation that will either improve access to care or threaten it. Act now to stop bills that restrict access to family building options and to advance bills that protect or increase access to care.

Below are a list of active federal legislation. Read about these issues and send a letter to Congress today.

Find out if your state has active legislation.

RESOLVE’s Fertility Scorecard is a great resource to learn more about advocacy needs in your state.

Join us at the annual Advocacy Day! Make your voice heard on Capitol Hill.