I Love NY Advocacy

Some time ago, I read that Winston Churchill used to say: “Never, never, never give up.” It’s a tough challenge, that stick-with-it thing. Wants and needs change over time, goals shift. And sometimes, life’s practicalities get in the way: you learn that some of those wants, needs, and goals need to be realigned. Nothing is static. Read More

Fighting for parenthood after cancer

Imagine sitting in the doctor’s office and being told that you have cancer. Perhaps those of us with infertility can imagine that more readily because the stress associated with the diagnosis of infertility has been compared to that of cancer. And sadly, the similarities don’t end there. Read More

Access to Care

What does “Access to Care” mean? At RESOLVE, we take Access to Care seriously. It’s not just a phrase or buzz words to us. It’s what guides our work each and every day.  It’s a key strategic goal as set by our Board of Directors. It’s the lens under which we decide if RESOLVE is … Read More