1. Look up your State Senator and Assembly Member here.

2. Find their phone numbers here. And Governor Cuomo’s number is 518-474-8390.

3. Here is a sample script for you to use:
“Hi, I’m (NAME), and I’m a constituent calling from (City). I am calling to ask for your help in making sure (Governor Cuomo/Senator X/Assembly Member X) works to get S.719 / A. 2817, the Fair Access to Fertility Treatment Act, into the state budget. The bill will help New Yorkers facing infertility build their family, and also help cancer patients preserve their fertility before starting cancer treatments. It brings New York in line with 21st-century medical treatment and gives New Yorkers the same benefits that NY state employees already have. I hope (Governor Cuomo/Senator X/Assembly Member X) will work to get this pro-family bill in the state budget so that everyone in New York gets a fair shot at family. Thank you for taking my call and for passing on my message to the (Governor/Senator/Assembly Member).”

4. Please keep us posted on any feedback you receive by emailing Thank you.