Act Now ImageRESOLVE, the only patient advocacy group in the U.S. that fights for the rights of women and men who are infertile has seen an increasing need to bring together the community to ensure that our voices are heard. RESOLVE is greatly involved in advocating for the infertility community on both the federal and state level.

State Advocacy

ACT NOW in New Jersey!

New Jersey has the chance to join the growing list of states that provide insurance coverage for fertility preservation for those facing chemotherapy or other medically necessary treatment that threatens their ability to have children. While New Jersey currently requires insurance coverage for infertility treatment, it does not include coverage for those at risk of iatrogenic (or medically-induced) infertility. S 2133 \ A 3150 addresses this gap in insurance coverage so patients do not have to choose between effective medical treatment and a future chance at parenthood. Please send this letter to key lawmakers in the state to voice your support for passing this bill this year. Thank you!

ACT NOW in New York!

Our Fair Access to Fertility Treatment Act (FAFTA) was one of the first bills to be introduced in the New York Legislature for the 2019 legislative session and we need to make sure it stays a top priority, which means getting it in the Senate and Assembly budget. FAFTA has been included in the Senate budget, and Governor Cuomo’s budget also includes an IVF proposal. A three-way budget negotiation now begins, and we need to make sure that the Senate, Assembly and Governor all agree to put FAFTA in its entirety in the state budget. It’s never been more important to voice your support for fair access to fertility treatment in New York. Call and send your letter — don’t delay!

Act Now in South Carolina!

H 3289/S 485 establishes “that the right to life for each born and preborn human being vests at fertilization and that the rights of due process and equal protection, guaranteed by … the constitution of this state, vest at fertilization for each born and preborn human being.” If passed, this law could prevent doctors from practicing IVF in accord with the best standards of medical care, and cancer patients whose only hope lies in freezing embryos could be prevented from having biological children. Send letters to your State Senator and  Representative now – it takes just minutes to voice your opposition.

RESOLVE tracks legislation that impact the infertility community. Some of these bills are anti-family and some of the bills would help people with infertility. Click here to see the list of state legislation that we are currently tracking.