At RESOLVE, access to care is what guides our work.

Access to care means that ANYONE struggling to build a family has access to ALL family building options. “ANYONE” means anyone. Your gender, your marital status, your race, your sexual orientation, your income, your religion, and where you live should play ZERO role in determining if you are able to build your family that way you want. “ALL” means all family building options. It means you have the right to build your family in the best way possible for you, without arbitrary restrictions and artificial barriers. Family building options include trying medical treatment such as IVF or third-party reproduction, pursuing adoption, or choosing to live childfree. Who knows what option might work best for you, but RESOLVE believes you deserve access to every possible option.

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Your access to family building options can be impacted by insurance coverage and by state and/or federal legislation. RESOLVE is here to help you understand and advocate for insurance coverage and for legislation that improves access to all family building options, and to fight legislation that restricts your options. In recent years, RESOLVE has seen an increasing need to bring together the community, including patients, families and experts, to ensure that our voices are heard and our issues are addressed.

RESOLVE is the only patient advocacy group in the U.S. that fights for the rights of women and men who are infertile.

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