Living After Infertility Community Recommendations

Are you on the path to parenthood or have resolved to live childfree and looking to connect with others? The Living After Infertility Support Community connects patients, families, friends and caregivers for support, information and inspiration. Topics covered include:

  • Advocacy
    The latest in advocacy. Exchange ideas and discuss the challenges of advocacy.
  • Expecting
    Pregnancy after infertility is an emotional time filled with anxiety and excitement. Whether your newly expecting or are days away from your due date you can connect with others experiencing pregnancy after infertility and know you are still not alone.
  • Friends and Family
    Do you have a loved one affected by infertility? Connect with others and find ways you can help them through their family building journey and beyond.
  • Living Childfree
    Thinking of living childfree as a way to resolve your infertility? Talk with others.
  • Parenting
    Join your fellow RESOLVE “alums” to stay in touch, share ideas and reconnect after treatment or third-party reproduction.
  • Parenting after Adoption
    Connect with other RESOLVE parents and get the tools and information you need to be a great parent to your adopted child.
  • Volunteers
    Interested in volunteering? Connect with other RESOLVE volunteers and share your ideas.
  • Walk of Hope
    Are you participating in a RESOLVE DIY Walk of Hope? If so connect with fellow participants here and share your plans for the day.
  • What’s Happening at RESOLVE
    RESOLVE has so many exciting new events and support groups going on that we just have to tell you about it. Check back often to get updates!

Community recommendations:

This is a caring and supportive community that emphasizes respect for others above all else. We ask only that you follow ‘The Golden Rule’: treat others with the respect and kindness with which you would like to be treated.”  This community is open to all discussions about childfree living, pregnancy, parenting after infertility, and parenting after adoption. Please use MENTS to note when the subject might be difficult to read.

If you have any questions or comments about these recommendations, please contact RESOLVE at