Is a Support Group Right for Me?

A support group can be beneficial at certain points in the infertility experience. Is a RESOLVE support group right for you? Find out below.

Is a RESOLVE Support Group Right For Me?

A support group can be most beneficial at certain points of the infertility experience:

  • When faced with making a difficult decision.
  • When embarking on new family building options.
  • When dealing with a major loss.

If any of the following statements apply to you, consider joining a RESOLVE support group:

  • I’m feeling lonely and isolated.
  • I have very few people to talk with about my infertility. No one understands.
  • Everyone I know is pregnant or has children.
  • My partner is the only one I have who provides emotional support.
  • Infertility is affecting my work and career.
  • I feel that my life plan is out of control. I’m having trouble navigating through my medical treatment options.
  • I can’t decide when “enough is enough.”
  • Holidays and coping with family and friends is becoming more and more difficult.

Find a RESOLVE support group in your area.

Myths and Facts about Support Groups:

You may hesitate to join a support group because of some assumptions about what happens at the group. Consider these myths and facts:

What are RESOLVE Support Groups?

RESOLVE offers two different support group options.

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