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Get Back-to-School Advice

By Dr. Elizabeth Grill, Psy.D.

Back-to-school season can trigger difficult emotions for those struggling to conceive. See what RESOLVE Board Chair Dr. Elizabeth Grill., Psy.D., has to say about dealing with potential triggers during this time. 

Give yourself permission to self-protect! For some people, that may translate into choosing to spend time with the children you really care about if you derive pleasure from watching your nieces, nephews, or best friends’ kids prepare and head back-to-school.

For others, self-protection may involve staying out of stores selling back to school clothing/supplies, going away to avoid neighborhoods flooded with school buses and kids flocking to schools, or staying off of social media for the few weeks you know your feeds will be filled with pictures that will trigger sadness, anger, and frustration.

When all else fails, pamper yourself. Do whatever brings you pleasure and joy. Take a long bubble bath, get a massage, light a scented candle, or take a day off to read a book completely unrelated to infertility. Whatever lifts your spirits, do it as a gift to yourself.

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