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First Fertility Supports RESOLVE In Our Mutual Goal to Protect Fertility Care for All

First Fertility is proud to stand alongside RESOLVE and ASRM as the Presenting Sponsor for the 2024 Virtual Federal Advocacy Day.

Our decision to support this cause was easy after watching what unfolded in Alabama and how RESOLVE responded. First Fertility is honored to join RESOLVE, ASRM, and the hundreds of advocates on Advocacy Day. Together, we are committed to the shared goals of making fertility treatments accessible, affordable, and an accepted part of the family building conversation.

First Fertility supports access to IVF and all forms of fertility care because everyone deserves the choice to grow their family in a way that works for them. Whether someone hopes to have children now or preserve their fertility for the future, the First Fertility team, alongside RESOLVE and their other advocacy partners, believes that people should have all the options they need to make a safe, informed, and affordable healthcare decision.

People access fertility medical care from all different backgrounds and with diverse life experiences, hoping to grow their families. The fertility practices in the U.S. help them navigate the world of fertility care from legal considerations to costs. All of this affects every person trying to grow their family, no matter where they live. The fight for families to have access to fertility services is essential, ongoing, and more important than ever. As partners advocating for fertility care, First Fertility and RESOLVE believe that every aspiring parent deserves the right to grow their family.

Together, we can help ensure fertility treatments stay safe, inclusive, and available for everyone.

*All content is provided by First Fertility as part of their Presenting Sponsorship for the 2024 Advocacy Day. This blog should not in any way be considered an endorsement or recommendation, either express or implied, by RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association.

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