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Fertility Myths: Fact Vs. Fiction

We started a conversation with 3 panelists who could share their firsthand experience with clinical trials, here’s what they had to say:

We started a conversation with 3 inspiring panelists who candidly share their thoughts on the common myths they hear, and why it is imperative that we replace these false narratives with real facts.

What are some of the common myths that you have heard from friends, family, medical professionals, or online?

  • There’s no way to protect your future fertility. -Myth
  • Infertility is only a women’s issue. -Myth
  • That same-sex couples do not struggle with infertility. -Myth
  • Fertility treatments work the first time. -Myth
  • Infertility does not impact BIPOC communities. -Myth

Separating what is fact and what is fiction starts with representation, education, and people willing to share how infertility impacts all communities.

Featured Panelists: Jasmine Higgins from the Podcast Infertilidad Latina, writer and stand-up comic, Jay Palumbo, Reproductive Endocrinologist at RMA of CT, Dr. Laura Meyer, and RESOLVE’s Chief External Affairs Officer, Rebecca Flick.

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