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Family Building and Access to Care for the LGBTQ+ Community

At RESOLVE, we believe that anyone struggling to build a family, including the LGBTQ+ community, should have access to all family building options and able to reach their resolution. Learn about RESOLVE’s LGBTQ+ legislation initiatives.

We vigilantly track state and federal legislation pertinent to LGBTQ+ family building across the United States and work to support positive family building bills and to stop harmful legislation from being enacted.

We currently track and advocate for LGBTQ+ legislation in three specific areas highlighted below:

  • Gestational Surrogacy: RESOLVE supports all family building options, including gestational surrogacy. We believe it should be legalized nationally to help the LGBTQ community build their families. RESOLVE has worked tirelessly to overturn harmful gestational surrogacy laws in New York and Washington, DC and has supported the passage of positive pro-surrogacy legislation in Washington, Nevada, Vermont, and Virginia.
  • Adoption Polices and Bills: Across the United States, we have seen a growing trend among some states to introduce discriminatory adoption bills designed to exclude LGBTQ parents and foster children from adopting or being adopted, respectively. RESOLVE is currently advocating for federal legislation, Every Child Deserves a Family Act, in partnership with the Family Equality Council, to ban discrimination against foster and adoptive parents who identify as LGBTQ. Help us move this legislation forward by emailing your elected official here and asking for their support.
  • Infertility Insurance Coverage: Over the last five years, RESOLVE has worked diligently to reform insurance laws that were discriminatory to same sex couples and has helped to update three state mandates to include LGBTQ-inclusive language in the states of Maryland, New Jersey, and New York. RESOLVE has also worked with our allies in the LGBTQ community to create inclusive model legislation, which has already been signed into law in Colorado in 2020 and will be introduced in more states in the coming legislative session.

To view all of RESOLVE’s state legislative efforts click here and to view RESOLVE’S federal advocacy efforts click here. To help us advocate for these pro-family bills, join the RESOLVE Advocacy Network.