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Face To Face – There Is Hope: Two Baby Girls After Six Year Wait

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I MET Vandera Carey several years ago when I was coordinating UNESCO’s Jazz Day Celebrations with Dr Leon Higgs. She told me that she would like to be a part of the event. While we knew Vandera would deliver a lovely performance, we discovered that it is the stage where her personality comes alive. She went up on that stage and performed her heart out, and the crowd loved her. Meanwhile, her biggest fan, her husband George, was waiting in the wings.

Back then, they did not have children. They were praying, hoping, waiting… and trying. The night that Vandera performed, I saw George give his wife so much love and support. He seemed like he just wanted to make all her dreams come true.

Well, from their lips to God’s ears, what seemed like an impossible six year wait was rewarded with two bouncing baby girls. But, it was not an easy journey.

As Infertility Awareness Week came to a close this weekend, Vandera and I discussed that journey, and the joy of faith that has brought them all the happiness in the world. She penned this letter from the heart:

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