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Empowering Our Community: What to Say About the Alabama Supreme Court Ruling

The recent Alabama Supreme Court ruling on frozen embryos has undoubtedly stirred up emotions and concerns within our community. As we come together, sharing resources online, and ways to act, it’s crucial that we empower ourselves with the right words to express our thoughts and concerns effectively. Here’s a guide on what to say right now:

“Not all embryos created mean live births: It’s crucial to emphasize that the creation of embryos during the IVF process does not guarantee a successful pregnancy. Many factors influence the outcome, and not all embryos will result in a live birth.

“No one cares about my embryos more than me:” As individuals undergoing fertility treatments, we understand the emotional and personal investment in our embryos. It’s essential to convey that we are the ones most invested in our reproductive decisions and outcomes.

“Creating multiple embryos during the IVF process gives someone the best chance at pregnancy:” Explaining the rationale behind creating multiple embryos during IVF can help address misconceptions. It’s about increasing the chances of success and ensuring viable options for future family building.

“I want to make my healthcare decisions with my doctor only:” Emphasize the importance of patient-provider collaboration in making informed healthcare decisions. Your fertility journey is unique, and you deserve the support and guidance of a trusted healthcare team.

“Share content from credible media resources:” When discussing the Alabama ruling and its impact, it’s essential to share information from credible and reputable media sources. Accurate information helps dispel myths and misinformation surrounding fertility treatments and reproductive rights.

“There’s a way to protect IVF nationwide:” The Access to Family Building Act is a bill in Congress introduced to protect access to IVF and ensure it remains legal and available everywhere in the US. Encourage community members to advocate for this bill by sending a letter to Congress here and registering for RESOLVE’s Virtual Federal Advocacy Day, in partnership with ASRM, on May 14, 2024.

By consistently emphasizing these key points, we can ensure that our voices are heard, and that accurate information is shared within our community and beyond.

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