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Compensated Surrogacy is Now Legal in NY

We started a conversation with 3 panelists who were part of this unstoppable feat of advocacy. Here’s what they had to say:

Featured Panelists: Alexis L. Cirel, Esq. with Warshaw Burstein LLP., Denise Seidelman Esq. with Rumbold & Seidelman, LLP , Risa Levine, Esq. with the Law Office of Risa A. Levine and moderated by Barbara Collura, RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, President and CEO

It starts with someone saying “this isn’t right, something MUST change.” That’s how the herculean effort to overturn the ban on compensated surrogacy in New York began. That someone, turned into someONES. They educated lawmakers, debunked myths around “weird science” and also handled a large amount of “weird opposition”…and won.

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