RESOLVE is excited to welcome The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) as a non-profit partner for RESOLVE’s annual Advocacy Day, Thursday May 18th. This year we will join forces to bring the most people to Washington, D.C. in the history of this event, to talk to Congress about issues important to our communities. The event will start on Wednesday, May 17th with ASRM’s Advocacy Academy, followed by an evening networking reception hosted by RESOLVE and ASRM. On Thursday, May 18th RESOLVE will hold its morning advocate training for everyone before the day-long Congressional meetings on Capitol Hill.

Each year we see more family building professionals and medical experts attend RESOLVE’s Advocacy Day. They understand the power of advocating alongside women and men struggling to build their family. We are thrilled to be partnering with ASRM this year in an effort to bring more voices to Washington, D.C. and Capitol Hill. We welcome all ASRM members – physicians, nurses, embryologists, mental health and legal professionals – to come advocate with us. By standing together, we are a powerful voice for the millions of people in our community,” said Barbara Collura, President/CEO for RESOLVE.

The issues we’ll bring to Congress are important to all of us. It’s about access to care. It’s about building families. It’s about making sure that our lawmakers know the barriers millions of people face in the fight to be a parent.

There is no question our advocacy efforts are more effective when patients and professionals work together. We are thrilled to be making the ASRM Advocacy Academy program available to RESOLVE advocates and to be joining with RESOLVE’s Advocacy Day for our visits to our lawmakers, ” stated Dr. Richard Paulson, President of ASRM.

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